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Cheap, warm and fun winter birthday party ideas

It is true to say that entertaining kids at a winter birthday party may not be the easiest thing in the world. You don’t have the space of the garden that can be called upon, as the temperatures plummet to frozen lows and the night can be magical, but scary…

And so, avoid the problems of broken furniture and cake crumbs trampled into the carpet and host the perfect cheap, warm and fun winter birthday party, topped off with favourite characters and themed party bags. There are many options out there, from the traditional to the latest Disney Frozen party bags.

Winter birthday party ideas…

The traditional, but as much as ever, slumber party

There is nothing more exciting than having your friends over a birthday party except having your friends to stay over the night. From snuggling in sleeping bags, watching the TV and just chatting for hours, and having midnight feasts (all prepared, of course!) BUT, to keep the slumber party successful you need…

  • Basic rules of etiquette – lights out at 10.30pm, for example and no running around etc.
  • Keep number LOW – 4 maximum so that you don’t get splinter groups and keep the number of guests even (odd number of slumber party participants mean that one person could, potentially, get left out)

Brunch and outdoor game(s)

Having a late morning brunch with close friends and family is a great way of celebrating a child’s birthday, especially for younger kids. Ask their parents to stay too and keep the menu really simple (there is nothing wrong with buying in party food that just needs putting in the oven!).

When the food has gone down, why not decamp outside for some games – even if the temperatures are a little keen and only just above freezing! Providing that it isn’t lashing down with rain, the kids will burn loads of energy running around; why not try…

  • A winter treasure hunt, finding all kinds of things hidden in the garden – tell each person or child to look for a certain object and that is theirs to keep. If they come across somebody else’s, tell them to not tell anyone so that they it can be found by the right person! Or, they can collect 3 items and then help others to collect their three objects.

A play date

Of course, if you keep your numbers small – just add three friends – you can have a fun play date at somewhere local. The local swimming pool is great, but you may need an extra adult or two. Or, there are other options; take a look on the web as well as through the local press for various activities and places that offer a few hours fun without breaking the bank.

A BIG party – on a shoe-string

With planning and plenty of pre-preparation it is perfectly possible, of course, to host a big party with every play mate that your child knows without breaking the bank BUT…

  • You will need adult help
  • You will need to prepare oodles of food, using ingredients at frugal prices
  • Entertainment by a professional can set you back anything from £50 to hundreds, so you will need to prepare every last scrap of entertainment
  • Party bags or not? Either opting for no party bags or being frugal with the content (and hence your budget) is also an option
  • You can either make your own birthday cake or, spend a minimal amount from your budget on one from the supermarket
  • Ordinary balloons for 30p a bag as opposed to helium balloons at £5 a piece is also another way of saving cash

DIY entertainment

As already stated, professional entertainers can cost hundreds and for some winter parties this is an expense too heavy a burden to shoulder and so, why not tap into the talents of family and friends? Have a talented sister who cuts hair for a living? Why not ask to supervise a hair and pamper party?

There are endless possibilities for DIY entertainment… you just need to ask! Some people will be glad to help out.

Take away points for cheap, warm and fun winter parties are simple:

  • Keep numbers low – as soon as invite larger number of children, everything becomes a little bit more expensive each time
  • If you want the numbers – you can hold the party at home but, you will need adult help
  • DIY entertainment is a possibility – you just need to tap into the talents of family and friends
  • DIY really is the way forward – if your budget is tight, then the option of doing it yourself, from start to finish will be a great help in making sure you spend your budget on the important things for a child’s winter birthday party!