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Christmas Presents

Christmas gifts kids can make

A round up of some of the best crafty ideas out there to spend time with the kids making great memories…

There are many places on the high street and online that sell a whole variety of things ready for Christmas so why not get a supply ready for those rainy afternoons?

Sewing – bookmark

The art and skill of sewing is something that tends to be passed down over the generations, with parents and children sitting together. Personalised bookmarks are a great way of creating some delightful gifts that people will truly love…

  • Cut two matching pieces of fabric, along with a third piece of fabric that can be used to stiffen the bookmark
  • On one of the pieces used for the outer layer, teach a basic chain stitch in order to embroidery someone’s name, such as ‘Grandma’. Embroidery thread is available in all kinds of colours, and is relatively cheap to buy.
  • Sew all three shapes together by hand or sewing machine.
  • Repeat several times for different recipients and push the boat out with fancy ribbon for the edges, as well as adding a tail.

Art – Button Tree

If you have a collection of old bright buttons, (you can find large quantities in charity shops too) then a button tree, star, heart or any shape you like can create a delightful piece of bespoke art.

On a canvas, draw you desired shape and paint it. Using either strong glue or a hot glue gun, stick the buttons all over the branches to create a button tree. Use different sized buttons and mix the colours for a delightful effect. You could also add sparkle with glitter.

Decoration – Garlands

Salt dough is a really inexpensive crafting product that you can make and store at home. Cookie cutter in all shapes and sizes are perfect for this product. Once you have made and rolled out your dough, cut all different shapes and sizes. Before you bake, make sure you make holes in the shapes so that they can be hung on a piece of delightful ribbon.

Once the shapes are baked and cooled, get to work with paint, glue and glitter. Which doting grandparent wouldn’t like a homemade garland for their home this Christmas?

*Why not make the shapes into letters and create a personalised Christmas garland?*

Art – snow globe, with Lego!

Everyone loves a snow globe and making your own is a real possibility… and made from recycled materials too!

Save a jam jar or other kind of glass jar – the more decorative in shape or design, the better! On the inside of the lid, glue a Lego shape or create a scene of some kind. This will need hot gluing to the lid and should only be done by an adult.

Fill the jam jar with water (preferably leaving a space for an air bubble to help the glitter circulate when shaken), add a generous handful of glitter; screw on the lid very tightly and watch the faces of friends and relatives light up when they receive their very own snow globe!

Art – Picture frames

Decorated picture frames always go down really well, especially with a delightful photograph encased in it. You can buy pre-cut picture frames, with backing from well-stocked high street or online craft retailers. Alternatively, you can create your own from recycled material; thick cardboard boxes are a great way to make these frames, especially for bespoke sizes.

Once you have your frame, in terms of what and how you paint is down to your creative imagination! You can accessorise the frame by sticking on buttons or larger craft ‘jewels’. And seeing as it is a Christmas gift, who could not like the addition of some sparkling glitter…?

Art – handy coasters

A little more effort and a few more material required here but these handy coasters could last for longer that the festive period.

You will need some thick, craft card and a sharp craft knife. Draw around people’s hand on the craft board and then cut out, using the craft knife, around the outline. Using a type of sticky ‘fablon’ material the outer coaster shape is then covered and this cut to size; stick these two piece together.

On the reverse side, you could write a short message for the festive season. Again, a great present and you can compare how much the kids have grown from year to year!

There are literally hundreds of make-it-yourself Christmas gift ideas out there, some needing more skill that others but why not give it a try?