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7 Fun Arts & Crafts Birthday Party Ideas

Want to know how to host a non-traditional arts and crafts party? This article includes all kinds of hints and tips on reducing mess and how to integrate the crafts theme into a party favour afterwards.

Creative Birthday Crafts

Art and crafts are a great way to get guests involved in your party. But it may fill you with dread and we know why – the thought of paint splattering your walls, glue trodden into the carpet and your home being at the centre of a glitter explosion is no one’s idea of fun.

But these ideas – and our been-there-done-that tips – are perfect for hosting a fun art and craft party.

1) Decorate

You could decorate anything!

  • A mug
  • A money box
  • Even a bag

The best way to keep order at an art and crafts party is to have everything you need in one neat package. There are some fantastic kits available, suitable for all ages from painting your cup or mug, to a pretty money box. At the upper end of the budget scale, there are also kits for painting a part of your own backpack and creating your own fun, party t-shirt.

HINT – choosing a craft activity that is suitable for the age group is just as important as choosing one that suits the number of guests at your party.


2) Plant a seed

For DIY craft ideas, buy small terracotta pots and use water-based marker pens so your small guests can create their own design on the pot. Make sure they write their name somewhere too!

Fill it with compost and add an easy-to-grow seed like a sunflower. At the end of the party, the children take the pot and seed home, a great alternative to a party bag. To make it extra special, send them home with a mini-watering can and a set of instructions how to care for their plant.

HINT – have plenty of rubbish bags and bins on hand!

3) Jewellery making

This is great for any age but probably best for older party guests who understand not to eat beads and other tine components, or stuff them in their ears or up their noses…

Relatively inexpensive to buy, you can buy all kinds of coloured beads as well as small cubed beads with letters on, along with leather ‘string’ and clasps.  Make sure everyone gets a fair crack of the whip – you may need to limit the number of items each child makes so that everyone has a fair chance at the beads.

Have plenty of ideas to inspire too. Again, perfect for dropping in party bags along with a slice of birthday cake.

HINT – have a big guest list? You can still host an arts and craft party by having a small group complete the craft activity, whilst the others play games.


4) Fun with duct tape

No, really – this is a real thing!

We all know the versatility and the application of duct tape to fix just about everything in the universe, from a leaking gutter to a doll’s house.

Duct tape is available in a range of colours too. So why not make a phone case?

Most older children have access to phones and keeping them safe is an ongoing battle. Cut out two pieces of material per child, one slightly longer than the other but wide enough to accommodate the phone as well as incorporating a hem.

Rather than stitching together, use coloured duct tape. Add a hole at the top and include a small carabiner. Fantastic for adding to kid’s party bags too.

HINT – ask friends to help out too!

5) Tie-dye t-shirts

For older kids and for when you have longer, creating a colourful tie-dye t-shirt is a great party craft. Suitable for smaller groups, you need to be organised and you will probably need some other adult help too.

However, when it comes to craft ideas for parties, we think a tie dye t-shirt is one of the best.

HINT – the key to a successful art and craft party is to be organised, with everything in place beforehand.

For the younger age groups

Create your own party hats

Using plain card, create all kinds of different shaped hats from the super-easy party cone hat to the slightly more elaborate top hat.

Using easy-to-grab markers (water-based again for easy stain removal) have them create their own party hat! If you feel slightly braver and have plenty of help, water-based glue and glitter can add so much needed sparkle to proceedings.

Finger puppets

Make the body of the finger puppet before the party. Make sure you have various colours and plenty of pictures for ideas for your young guests to copy.

Have smaller pieces of felt cut out ready and with dabs of glue, create your own bespoke finger puppet. There are so many ideas, from animals to cartoon characters.

What art and craft ideas have you come across?