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‘Despicable Me’ Minion Themed 5th birthday party

Every now and then, a film comes along that catches the attention of children and adults alike. Animations are perfect for any age group and, with cute characters like Minions zooming around the screen, Despicable Me, a film from Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment, success was almost guaranteed.

And for anyone looking for a theme to entertain a 5 year old and their friends, a Minion themed party is simply perfection. From Minion characters roaming around to Party Bags and Supplies’ Minion party themed accessories, creating the perfect setting full of yellow and blue is so easy.

And here we show you how, with some great ideas BUT, to add more to the party that blue and yellow bunting, why not really impress those 5 year olds with your knowledge of the different Minion characters…?

What are Minions?

For the uninitiated or the unsure, Minions are small, yellow creatures that are shaped like large tablets, being long in shape and elliptical. They can have one or two eyes and in both ‘Despicable me’ films, some would argue they are the most memorable characters.

Minions are naïve and impulsive, with very little self-control. They wide-eyed wonder and innocence are what make these characters so endearing and adorable. People, especially children, can relate to them as they inevitably make you laugh or smile with their rather odd behaviour and antics. But, like all cute things, they can also be a pest.

In the films, there are hundreds of Minions and are all working for Gru, the evil supervillain who plans on stealing the moon in the first of the ‘Despicable Me’ films, released in 2010 (the second was released three years later). However, his plans are thwarted by three orphan girls but the audience have already seen his softer side for, despite having hundreds of Minions, he knows them all by name.

Know the characters to create an extra-special Minion themed party

However, knowing something about the main Minions will help you create an even more spectacular party… check them out:

Dave is the main Minion you will come across in toy stores and the like; he is a two eyed Minion who is loving, kind and very, very funny. He has a penchant for becoming a little over-excited but, when he’s told off, his remorseful hang-of-the-head is probably the most delightful thing you will have seen.

Dave loves ice cream, so why not label you ice cream dessert as ‘Dave’s Ice Cream’?

Stuart is a playful, one eyed Minion, who loves playing video games. He is Dave’s best friend and so will often be seen with him.

Jerry looks slightly different to the other Minions; he has spiky hair, two eyes and is rather plumper than the others. Sensitive and caring, he can sometimes be picked on for being ‘scared’. He’s great as a basis for a game of hide and seek at a Minion themed party!

Now it’s time to theme that party!

Colour: yellow and blue

Accessories: there are hundreds of accessories to choose from, including paper table cloths, to plates, cups and table decorations. Invest in bunting too to really set your theme off to perfection.

Add that spark of difference with the games you play too…

  • Instead of pin the tail on the donkey, pin the glasses on the Minion!
  • Minions love karaoke, singing Copacabana, as well as other classics such as ‘YMCA’; Mark, a two-eyed Minion with combed hair discovered karaoke during the film and melted hearts with his renditions of these two songs! You may need to help your party guests out with the action for ‘YMCA’
  • There are also party companies who will attend children’s parties dressed as the character for a film, with Minions being a popular choice. Kids love it when their guests of honour if their favourite character!
  • Creating yellow and blue food can be tough, but small cakes, covered in yellow icing with blue icing dappled across it can create an impression

Busy, fun and a whirlwind!

If you really want to mimic Minions, then creating loads of fun that is safe and enjoyable is something that Minions live their daily lives by. You could ask that all your party guests wear yellow and blue too; some may want to come dressed as their favourite minion and, as the party leader, why not try your hand as Gru…?

Minions are characters that are loved by children and, with so many accessories and key pieces available from us, there really is no excuse for not throwing yourself into the whole theme… and enjoy it!