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Young child and parents at Christmas

Easy and inexpensive ways to keep kids entertained this holiday season

The Christmas holiday season is upon us and, every parent across the land must dread the final few days in the run up to Christmas day. As the excitement mounts, it can seem an impossibility to keep the kids entertained; throw in to this the excitement of a birthday party or Christmas party, and you could have the stuff of nightmares…

… But there is always a solution, and here at Party Bags & Supplies, we know that the challenge of keeping the kids entertained is one that can be met – with some careful planning, you can actually enjoy the run up to Christmas day too!

Here are our suggestions:

·        Have a Christmas party, with a non-Christmas theme!

Just because it is the festive season, doesn’t mean that the only option open to you is twinkling lights and Christmas trees. If you child has a favourite activity or character, why not throw a Christmas party along those lines. With so many choices and accessories available, you can opt for a Star Wars party to Peppa Pig.  Kids loving having their friends over and so this is one way of having an a few hours of general mayhem and enjoyment!

·        Get baking

With the success of programmes such as ‘The Great British Bake Off’, it seems that the buzz for baking has gripped the nation once again. The great news is that it doesn’t have to be showstopper! The web is full of simple, easy and inexpensive baking recipes from tasty biscuits to luscious cakes.

Invest in some cookie cutters, a few baking tins, along with some edible decorations and you have the additional ingredients you need for baking success.

Great for numeracy too, as you can teach children how to weigh items, measure liquids as well as count ingredients too.

If you fancy something more elaborate, why not dip into the world of savouries? You can buy puff pastry and create some delightful pies or even create a perfect tea party. The baking possibilities are delightfully endless, take a look at BBC Good Food for all manner of festive treats to bake with the kids, from simple but ever-so-tasty lollipops to making baked gifts for friends, relatives and neighbours.

·        Create your own Winter Wonderland… in the hallway!

If you don’t like mess, then look away now but, if you life crafts and creating things, then this is a great option for a few hours of fun and happiness.

Give the kids a challenge to turn a part of your home into their own festive winter wonderland. The hallway is great, so that as friends and relatives arrive over the festive period they can see your children’s handy work.

You’ll need anything from white paper to newspaper, coloured paper, string, sticky tape, children’s safety scissors. Show them how to create a 3-d snowflake from folded paper and cutting out small shapes all over it. There are also some great ideas for more elaborate snowflakes on the web too; check out Instructables for downloadable PDFs!

·        Have people round – to watch a play!

Inviting people round is as traditional at Christmas time, as are mince pies but, ring the changes by giving your kids (and some friends too!) a dress up box and tell them they need to create a play – and their premiere is on such-a-such afternoon and the audience will be…!

They’ll love it! They can play music, dance and create a delightful play, showing off their natural acting abilities. You can give them a theme to help them create their play.

The stuff of memories, why not record it to show future generations…?

Some quickie suggestions:

Track Santa – there are all kinds of tracking websites such as https://www.noradsanta.org/ and this is a great way to build up to the big day. Get a huge world map and mark on the time he would be expected to be in certain countries.

Watch a Christmas film (or two) – a perfect way to enjoy some of your delicious festive bakes you will have made earlier on! Stream a Christmas movie through some of the online services or rent some DVDs and sink back in the sofa, and laugh or cry your way through some luscious films.

Festive lights – again, festive lights are everywhere but, they don’t have to be on a par with the famous illuminations at Blackpool. Drive round your local neighbourhood and spot the great lights that people are displaying this year.

Christmas is a magical time for children and some of the best memories are the small things we do as families in the run up to the big day. Enjoy these precious days…