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Eco-Friendly Parties – Are They Possible?

By keeping a supply of reusable party supplies, you can host an eco-friendly party without compromising on style or your budget. So how can you do this?

We all know we need to reduce what we use and throw away. I’m sure many of us have seen the heart-breaking photos of seagulls with plastic bags wrapped around their feet and deformed growth of sea creatures with plastic tied around them.

We also understand that one-use plastic is not great and so, the move to ban plastic straws is well underway.

There are times when it feels just so much more convenient to throw dirty plates and plastic cups in the bin after a party.

Thus, an eco-friendly party can be a seismic shift in attitude, routine and habits but it can be done!

Build a stock of essential partyware items

One of the issues with hosting a party is that no host wants to have to spend hours washing up after the party is over. Hence, throwing plates, cups and bowls away is much easier, convenient and time-saving too.

With labour-saving devices such as dishwashers in most kitchens these days, this argument is slightly defunct.

So what are the suggestions?

  • Build an impressive collection of partyware. Why not treat yourself to a new dinner service, keeping the old plates, side plates and bowls in a sturdy box or trunk ready for your next party?
  • Sturdy plastic serving ware. We see plastic as the enemy but there is some suggestion that sturdy plastic items that can be used over and over again over the coming decades could be slightly more eco-friendly that ‘using and ditching’. Add to this the fact that a lot of melamine wear is actually quite stylish and you will see why this is a great
  • Glassware. Glass is a great material, especially when it comes to chunky mason jars for both drinks and sweet treats too. Once washed, they keep really well stored away in your party trunk.

Recycled/environmentally friendly party supplies

Manufacturers and brands are also beginning to realise that reusable party supplies are now essential, as consumers are environmentally savvier today than they ever were.

For example, why not try…?

  • Cups made from recycled plastic and paper. The majority of recycled items are not of high quality, and the use of recycled plastic in items such as ‘paper’ cups makes them perfect for cold and hot drinks, as well as soup.
  • Recycled paper products. Made from recycled paper, a lot of the party accessories that are simply essential are also stylish, high-quality and at a good price point too.

Make recycling a part of the party!

Everyone understands the importance of recycling. Ditch the ‘roll of black bags’ for the end of party clear up, opting instead for your own impressive recycling station.

Using old bins or large cartons or boxes, label each so that people can place their drink cans in one, plastic in the other, paper and cardboard in another and so on.

But here’s the clever bit – the bin should be the smallest carton. Add a sign that questions whether an item should be binned or recycled.

Make your own re-usable bunting

Decorating your party venue is essential to a party too and there is nothing wrong with making your own bunting out of scraps of fabric or old clothes and re-using it time and time again.

In fact, each year, you could add an extra triangle or two, along with fancy stitches and embroidery that in effect, creates a party heirloom.

Get savvy with the party bags too

Signalling the party if over, party bags or favours are the ideal way of bidding your guests goodbye.

But stuffed in that non-recyclable plastic bag could be plastic toys that are soon forgotten about. Probably thrown away or recycled within a few days or weeks, why not give your party bags an overhaul?

As well as putting sweets in paper bags, wrap the customary slice of birthday cake in a recycled/recyclable paper napkin. Or why not pop that into a bag too?

You could always overhaul the party bag itself! Choose cardboard boxes (just make sure they are not lined with a plastic film, common in food-safe boxes).

You could also pop a few bits and bobs and a reusable glass mason jar. Opt for child-friendly ones such as the drinking jars with both a straw and handle.

What other ideas can you think of to make your party eco-friendly? We’d love to hear them!