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Four Christmas Party Themes Perfect for Kids

Christmas is also the perfect time to host a party yourself and when you have small children to entertain, a Christmas party is the perfect solution.

If you are struggling to come up with Christmas themes for kids’ parties then look no further, as we have four great ideas.

#1 The Nativity

Keep it traditional and bring what many consider to be the true meaning of Christmas, by encouraging your smaller guests to come as a character from the Christmas nativity story.

Christmas is an expensive time and with so much going on, finding time and money to buy expensive fancy dress outfits is not a top priority. The nativity provides opportunities for kids to dress up but using clothes they already have.

Shepherds in dressing gowns, along with kings in theirs and homemade glittery crowns and a swathe of angels make for the perfect backdrop to any Christmas party.

Decorate the party venue or a room in your house as a manger in a barn – use a cardboard box, fill it with straw or hay if you have any, and lay a doll on it. A large glittering, golden star is also essential too.

Finish the party off just as you would any other with party bags, but make sure they are delightfully Christmas-themed.

A perfect Christmas party theme for younger children.

#2 Film-theme Christmas party

When it comes to Christmas themes for kids’ parties, there is no doubt that taking a look at the popular films for the year is a great starting point.

There were great films this year but the latest offering from the Harry Potter series – Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them –  was released in mid-November 2016.

Set in New York, the story starts 70 years before the Harry Potter story. Who doesn’t love a bit of make-believe and magical fantasy at Christmas?

As well as hosting a Christmas movie night – great for older kids and don’t skimp on the popcorn – ask your guests to come dressed as either a fantastical beast or a character from the story. And any Harry Potter look-a-likes will be welcome too.

#3 Snow Princes and Princesses

It’s everywhere – on Christmas cards, in Christmas movies – but not always in real-life, which is a shame as most kids love a dollop of the white stuff. Snow has magical properties which is why it is included in the perfect, outdoor Christmas scene.

It also makes the perfect backdrop as ideas number three in our list of Christmas themes for kids’ parties.

Snow princes and princesses is a chance for younger boys and girls to dress as their favourite character well-known Disney films – who doesn’t love Frozen?

Easy to achieve as there are princess dresses and prince costumes available from retailers all year round.

All you need to do is decorate the venue like an icy castle or palace, throw in some Christmas songs and you have a happy Christmas party that everyone will enjoy.

#4 Nightmare Before Christmas

For older kids, especially those heading for their teens, coming up with a ‘cool’ but not twee theme for a Christmas party is tough.

However, we think we’ve hit the nail on the head with this theme!

Nightmare before Christmas is just like Halloween – plenty of ‘scary’ faces, cobwebs and spiders – but with a Christmas slant to it.

Use all your left-over decorations from Halloween and invest in black tinsel, white mini-skulls and skeletons in Santa hats (they do exist!) and decorate baubles to look like the iconic Jack Skellington.

You can refer to the film or you can simply create a slightly different feel to your party.

It’s all in the backdrop

To create the best in Christmas party themes, you want the best Christmas party supplies. Buy ordering and shopping online, you avoid the busy shops and long queues at the till and get some great bargains in the process.

Accessories your party venue as you would when hosting a Christmas party;

  • There are all kinds of themed ideas and accessories you can use – we love the big, clear balloon, full of fake polystyrene snow, for example
  • Lights are simply a must in the party venue and it is true to say, that the more you have, the better! Be classy and keep the light colour all the same throughout the venue, adding a splash of colour every now and then
  • Christmas party bags are also essential and a perfect way of bidding your guests farewell and Merry Christmas!