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Fun party bag fillers that don’t include sweets

You have everything planned to perfection; the theme is decided, the invites have been sent out and the RSVPs have come flooding back in. You have the cake on order, a whole heap of party games up your sleeve and now you turn your attention to creating fun filled party bags for your guests…

… but you want to do something different. Instead of setting your little guests with a bag full of sugar ridden sweets, you decide to great a parting gift that will be different, but still heaps of fun. If you are stuck for ideas, we have rounded up 10 of the best ideas for party bags, without sweets right here:

Party bag 1: Flower seeds

We love this idea, and is a fabulous way of introducing children to the delights of growing their own flowers. Choose seeds for easy growing, opting for sunflowers, poppies and nasturtiums for example although there are all kinds of really easy to grow flowers.

You could always ring the changes with vegetable seeds too; if you are feeling particularly generous, why not supply the planting pots, with some compost ready for their mini-garden?

Budget: medium – can be as lavish or as simple as you like!

Party bag 2: Stickers, pencils, erasers…

There are very few children who don’t enjoy drawing or doodling and sometimes, falling back on to old fashioned ways is by no means a bad thing. You can give them stickers etc. that are in keeping with the theme of the party and don’t forget to keep the gifts age appropriate too.

Budget: low – there are ready made packs perfect for your party bags!

Party bag 3: Marbles

Marbles, for older kids, really are gorgeous nuggets of glass and wonder but not many children know how to enjoy them. So, why not take a nod to yester-year and create party bags that include a punch of marbles and some games?

Budget: medium – depending on numbers, and where your source your marbles, it can get more expensive than a junk filled bag

Party bag 4: Bubbles…

… with imagination! Again, all kids love bubbles but, the bubble industry is growing and no longer do you have settle for an insipid, sticky substance that allows only the most meagre of bubbles; there is a whole range of choice of different kinds of bubbles, and implements to ‘blow’ your bubbles! They make a great partying gift, or so we think!

Budget: medium to high – you can settle for the ‘normal’ bottle and wand, or go the full hog and get the real ‘professional’ bubble blowing kits!

Party bag 5: Temporary tattoos

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, kids simply revel in temporary tattoos. Fixed on the skin with a sticky residue activated by water, there are all kinds of tattoos that kids love. If you have a pirate themed party, for example, why not stick with the skull and cross bones symbol, or if you have rock stars on your hands, there is even more choice.

Budget: low – these temporary tattoos are cheap, yet effective!

Party bag 6: Affordable books

Every parents wants to encourage their kids to read and, there are all kinds of affordable books out there can are age appropriate and great for filling your party bags. For example, the ‘Little Miss’ and ‘Mr. Men’ books are only a few pounds each, but make great bed time stories.

Budget: medium – but, if money is no object, how about creating story books online, with the child’s name in?

Party bag 7: Pyjamas

Before you skip over this and assume it is a mad idea, bear in mind the penchant for young ladies and gentlemen to want their friends over for a birthday sleep over… instead of creating party bags, gift them matching pyjamas! You guests will love it!

Budget: medium to high – dependent on how many guests, and where you buy the pyjamas from!

Party bag 8: Birthday mix CD

If you have the time and the skills, this is a really personal and wonderful small token of appreciation to your guests. Creating a CD with their favourite songs, as well as choices of the birthday boy or girl, and creating copies for everyone is easy, as well as being relatively inexpensive.

Budget: low – costs of rewriteable CDs are low, as is the downloading of music! You can also create and buy online.

Party bag 9: Crazy socks

Take a wonder through any department store and you will see a fair choice of socks, all in different colours and different characters. Relatively inexpensive, buying everyone a pair of crazy socks is not something you get every day in a party bag…

Budget: medium – dependent on numbers of guests and prices of socks

Party bag 10: Playing cards

Again, this is a nod to the past but including playing cards, with some ideas for games is a great way of encouraging kids off the video games, and learning some new games and traditions.

Budget: low – cards are relatively inexpensive!

Party bags do not need to be full to the brim with sweets; try something different.