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Fun party ideas for kids!

Parties for kids should be fun, fun, fun from the moment they arrive, to the moment they leave but, all too often, as hosts and parents we often underestimate how much effort and energy – as well as planning – it takes for a child’s party to go with a swing. If you don’t have some activities and games up your sleeve, then the 2 and a half hour slot can seem an eternity…

And so, with our range of themed party supplies, your party-planning has just become a whole lot easier!

Here we have put together 6 great themes for children’s parties… then simply order plates, cups and accessories that match your theme; we have something for every party!

Teddy Bear Picnic!

A firm favourite with smaller children, guests are asked to bring their favourite teddy or stuffed toy. With minimal accessories required, you can set a room out just like a picnic setting (or outside in a tent or open air if the weather is kind!) and spend the time playing teddy bear themes games and eating a delicious picnic. Games can be anything from pint he tail on the bear through to a pass the parcel that the invited teddy bears play – with their owners as helpers!

Storybook or cartoon character

There are many examples, with children’s characters changing all the time but, for parents looking to host a party that is ‘different and memorable’, as well as age appropriate, characters from films, books and cartoons can be a welcome lifeline.

With books, choose well-known ones and base your games around the characters; introduce the age-old ‘guess who’ game and why not play a games of charades too! You can also create author boards where guests write ‘something nice’ about a fellow guest and include this in their party bag (if you are doing them!)

Craft parties…

Great for older kids, a craft party can be a fun, creative way to have friends over, but without the raucous running around games. Great for outside parties too, there are various products that can be bought, all ready for the guests to create a fine work of art. From painting money boxes, to creating jewellery, there are many, many options for all ages as well as for boys and girls. There are so many ideas out there – take a look!

If you are arty yourself, why not invest raw materials such as air drying clay and, with some pre-made ideas as inspiration, your guests will leave with fabulous works of art.

Carnival time

Everyone loves getting dressed up, especially children, so with help from mother nature (glorious sunshine and warm temperatures) transform your garden, or a portion of it into a back garden carnival.

Have a ‘bar’ serving all kinds of different (non-alcoholic) drinks, with cocktail umbrellas and straws. Continue this theme with the food and keep the activities in tune with the carnival theme. Why not have a ‘hook a duck’ or ‘fish for fish’?

A more raucous party, you will need plenty of space and not too many guests or your carnival could turn in to a free-for-all!

Go huntin’

Treasure hunts are a fabulous idea and if you have the outdoor or indoor space then sending them off on a treasure hunt is a great idea.

You can of course, just hide sweets and other treats or, with some planning and thought, you can create a trail for teams or individuals to follow. Clues need to be age-appropriate and solvable and we find that this kind of party works best with a ‘command centre’; in other words, teams are sent off to find 2 or 3 clues and then return to be given more clues etc. this way, you can keep an eye on the group, making sure everyone is included and the hyper-active state of your guests are kept to a minimum.

Colour Party!

Every child has a favourite colour and, providing it is not too outlandish a choice, you could ask guests to arrive wearing that colour… or you could provide certain items in the chosen colour to help the party along.

Keeping the colour theme running through the party is not difficult with the wide range of coloured party accessories now available. Depending on the age of your guests and party girl or boy, you can play a range of games and activities that fit with their likes and dislikes.

When it comes to parties, sometimes…

…less is more. Kids need to socialise and mingle too, so don’t be tempted to run it along military lines. But, have things up your sleeve, ready to leap in to action!