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Girls Birthday Party Ideas – 10 Steps to planning the Perfect Girls Party

Girls’ birthday party ideas are not too hard to come by, but knowing what you need to do, what needs planning and doing before the big day, can make the party go much smoother. You want the party to flow from the moment your guests arrive to the moment they leave.

These flow can look effortless but in order for something to look this easy, it usually means that a lot of planning and preparation has happened before it! With this in mind, we have created a 10 step approach to planning the perfect girl’s birthday party.

Step 1 – Guest List

The first thing that affects your party and how far your budget needs to stretch is the guest list. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to numbers, but it is probably true to say that the bigger the guest list, the more supervision and work you will need to put into it. As a host, you will need to make sure that everyone who attends the party is included in all the games and activities.

Step 2 – Theme

Having a theme for your party can make the preparation much easier. We suggest deciding on this before you get to the exciting part of writing out the invites!

From princess themed parties to afternoon tea, to an afternoon of football, there are all kinds of various themes that girls will love to have as the backdrop to their party. Once you have you theme, you can start looking at buying the invites, the accessories…

Step 3 – Book the venue

There is one more crucial step to complete before you start sending the invites out and that is to book the venue. You may of course, be holding the party at home and this would then be an obsolete step, so to speak.

Or, you may be hiring the local community centre, church hall, leisure centre etc. and clearly, you need to be able to impart this information on your party invites, as well as the time of the party.

Step 4 – Invites

This is the fun bit but, it is also an important step in helping you plan the party. Always ask people to get in touch with you to let you know if the child is coming and so on. Make this as easy as possible with a phone number, a mobile number for text messages or an email address too.

This is also your chance to let guests know if there is anything that they need to do, such as come in fancy dress and so on. Don’t forget to make sure that the start and end time of the party are clear too.

Step 5 – Party Timetable

The smooth flow of a party is achieved by having a plan to follow for the time that the party is on. Young children, to a certain extent, need to have their time directed and a party is no different. Parties are great social vehicles to help children become social beings but, as adults we need to help them.

Make sure you have something for them to do as they arrive, as well as party games before the food, and some games or activities as they way to be picked up.

Step 6 – Plan the food

The food and drink is also important and if there is one piece of sterling advice, it is this: prepare as much of the food in advance as possible! The easiest solution is to have platters of sandwiches, pre-packed sweet treats and a helping of fruit.

Have plenty of drinks on standby – all the running around is thirsty work for kids! – and then have plenty of bin bags for tidying away. Don’t forget to order the cake!

Step 7 – Order girl’s party supplies

When you have your theme and venue sorted, you will have a better idea of the accessories and so you need to decorate your venue.

We have all kinds of party supplies, from plates to cups, glitter balls to bouncy balls.

Step 8 – Create the party bags

Party bags are a great way of thanking your guests for coming to your party. You can opt for pre-filled bags or create your own. Don’t forget to add a slice of wrapped birthday cake.

Step 9 – Get help

Make sure you have plenty of extra help and willing hands on the day!

Step 10 – Enjoy it!

You have done the hard work. Now settle back and enjoy the party!