Girl’s birthday party ideas – 10 steps to planning the prefect girls party

Planning a party is not as tough as it seems. You need to be uber-organised, with plenty of plan B’s up your sleeve. However, we all started somewhere so to become the party host with the most, following our top 10 tips for planning the perfect girl’s party…

party bags

#1 Theme it

There are all kinds of girl’s birthday party ideas and we think one of the best is to give your party a theme. This can make buying party supplies, invitations and so on so much easier. It also gives your party a more streamlined, less cluttered look and a far less chaotic feel too. So, sit down with the birthday girl and look at all the latest ideas for girl’s birthday parties.

Top tip – a tea party, complete with doilies and finger sandwiches are one of the
must-have themes for 2016.

#2 Book the venue

Some people choose to have their children’s party at home but other parents prefer to hire a venue. This can often make tidying up much easier, and parents are more likely to pick up their kids on time too, a long-standing issue for party hosts across time!

#3 Plan it… to the last detail

A party that looks effortless on the surface has been planned carefully before hand with as much preparation completed before the big day as possible. It may sound an alien concept, but planning the two and a half or three-hour party and having a timetable is a great way of ensuring a stress-free party for you.

#4 Send out the invites

Create a list of invitees and make sure that guests have their invites around two weeks in advance. You might want to check if there are any other parties planned for the day because, who wants to clash with another little girl’s birthday party?

Ask guests to let you know if they can come or not; provide them with a mobile number for a texted response or email so they can do this quickly and easily.

Top tip – keep a list of who has responded as this can make catering easier but always have a contingency amount of food for the guests who come but may have forgotten to respond to the RSVP.

#5 Plan the food

The menu is also an area of hosting a party that you will find plenty of ideas and theories. The important thing to remember is that you are not providing a meal as such but more a table full of delicious snacks.

Have all kinds of options for kid’s and don’t assume that the more sugar you shovel in to them, the better your party will be!

#6 Accessorise the venue

One of the first things you need to do is to book a venue if you are not holding the party at home but, regardless of where it is being held, you need to decorate the venue.

Again, there are all kinds of girl’s birthday party ideas to be inspired by when it comes to accessorising and decorating your venue in line with your chosen theme. From balloons to bunting, there are all kinds of girl’s birthday party supplies to choose from.

#7 Plan the entertainment

Again, with the entertainment side of things, you can take the DIY approach or you can buy in services of local entertainers and companies to help you out. From Disney Princesses to the reliable magician, there are all kinds of ways to entertain your guests.

Top tip – no planned entertainment can mean chaotic scenes… you have been warned!

#8 Plan the games

Every birthday party should have at least half an hour of mad, mayhem games during which everyone wins a prize. These games don’t have to be complicated – musical statues, Blind man’s Bluff and so on are all perfect for entertaining your guests with loads of laughs and some great prizes.

#9 Don’t forget the party bags

Love them or hate them, no matter what your opinion is, birthday party guests love the excitement of leaving a party with a party bag.

Party bags or loot bags don’t have to be expensive – a large slice of cake, a few sweets, a small toy and so on are perfect additions to a party bag. Stick with your theme to create the perfect ending for your party.

#10 Thank you notes

Having their friends over to their party is a great way for any little girl to celebrate their birthday. With so many girl’s birthday party ideas out there it can be easy to forget one important thing: thanking people for coming and for their gifts. Send out themed thank you cards – it takes minutes but it always well received.