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5 Quick Last Minute Halloween Party Foods

Do you get stuck for ideas when hosting a Hallowe’en party? We talk about how to create some spooky last minute nibbles that will put a smile on everyone’s face!

The invites have gone out. Your guests are making the final touches to their Hallowe’en costumes and now you all have to do is host a fantastic party that everyone will be left talking about for weeks – especially about the great Hallowe’en food they enjoyed.

But your Hallowe’en buffet table doesn’t have to be about pumpkin pie. These five quick ideas for last minute Hallowe’en party foods can be made from items you may have lurking in your kitchen cupboards. Why not make a few?

Toothy doughnuts

Either make your own if you have time or pop to your local bakers for round jammy doughnuts. Next, pop along to the sweet aisle of your local supermarket and pick up a few bags of the gummy teeth smile sweets. You may also come across items that could become eyes too.

Press the toothy grins into the doughnuts, use the eyes or create your own with sugar pearls (look in the baking aisle) to make hilarious faces on the doughnuts.

To make the eyes, you could also pipe on some red and black eyes using black and red icing in two separate bags. Just snip off a small section of the corner and pipe on the doughnuts.

Spider cupcakes

Of course, the spider is creepy at any time of year but comes into its own during Hallowe’en.

Once your fairy cakes have cooled, ice the top of them – use any colour your fancy – and then set out creating your spiders. Use two candy eyes (see above!) and then give your spider tops three-dimensional legs by using black coloured royal icing shapes into legs. Push into the fairy cake top and pile the finished cakes onto a cake stand or plate for your guests to enjoy.

Shaped Hallowe’en biscuits

If you have invested in shaped cookie cutters as part of your Hallowe’en party catering supplies, now is the time to use them! You can create so much with these cutters that the sky really is the limit.

Find yourself a basic, roll out biscuits dough recipe – we love this easy biscuit recipe – and cut out shapes from the dough with your cookie cutters.

To ring the changes, use food colouring gel to make a coloured biscuit dough – it doesn’t affect the flavour – and then get creative by picking out details, like the outline of the biscuit shape etc, with icing.

You can buy icing pens that work really well, great for when you want small amounts of different coloured icing. Alternatively, make your own icing, colouring it with the food colouring gel – great for adding vibrant colour to white icing – place into separate plastic bags and simply snip off the corner to make your own piping bag. Messy but great fun!

Witches hat

Using two boxes of cheap chocolate coated rice krispie type cereal, mix with melt marshmallows to create a thick mixture.

Start to pile on top, shaping it into the cone shape of the shape. Keep some mixture back to create the brim of the hat. Do this on a cake board or plate. Cake sculptors use this kind of mixture all the time when creating their 3-D cakes.

Allow it to ‘dry’ – it won’t take long! – and then using roll out royal icing that you have coloured green (or any colour of your choice) add a band around the base of the hat by the brim and add a few other accessories to make it look like a witches hat.

Cheese platter with a spooky difference

Combine cream cheese, grated cheese, chopped chives and seasoning until mixed. Shape into a ball shape. Press the top of the ball flat, a bit like how a pumpkin looks.

Next, slightly shape the sides so that it has the curvy undulations that you see on a pumpkin. For its stalk, add the stalk from a pepper. Coat the outside of the cheese ball pumpkin with crushed cheese crisps – like cheese balls or puffs – and coat the outside of the pumpkin (the brighter the orange colour the better).

Place the cheese biscuits around the outside of the base and let your guests help themselves.

Now you just need to serve some ghoulish cocktails, with non-alcoholic alternatives too!