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How to Host a Fun Hawaiian Party

Lei Day celebrated in Hawaii and across the world at the start of May is the perfect excuse to welcome the warmer sunshine here in the UK with a Hawaiian themed party. Fun get-togethers to host for children and adults, this blog discusses the food, decorations and fancy dress that you might want to consider for your Hawaiian party.

Looking for fun ideas for a fantastic Hawaiian themed party? Look no further because our party loving team have come up with some great ideas.

Location & Venue

The one thing we love about Hawaiian themed parties is that they can be held just about anywhere. Hawaii is associated with sun, sea and hot, hot, hot thus, for a summer party it is the perfect choice of theme.

From an informal gathering on a local sandy beach to a fab children’s party in the back garden to a ‘we-don’t-need-an-excuse-to-get-together’ party, it is a versatile party theme.

Think bright colours, think party favours, think Hawaiian-inspired food and tropical drinks from the beautiful Polynesian island.


Like most themed fancy dress parties, the decorations and accessories set the scene for a great party with a fantastic atmosphere.

The people of Hawaii are warm and welcoming, embracing their traditions and keeping them going by creating a backdrop to their homes and feasts with all kinds of accessories.

Before we get to the all-important menu, you need to decorate your party venue. Here’s how;

  • Lantern lights including solar string lights and pretty, colourful lights for the garden
  • Grass skirts around the table edges, giving everything a fringe is a great way of turning any space into a Hawaiian themed party venue
  • Flower designs, especially those with a Hawaiian flavour work well too
  • Palm tree cut outs or blow up shapes are great too
  • A map of Hawaii would work too
  • Fish cutouts hanging on pieces of string or ribbon
  • Streamers for a fun, carnival atmosphere
  • Surfboards are perfect too as they are synonymous with the surf of the ocean
  • Colour, colour, colour! Pinks, yellows, greens, red, blue, purple – you name it, as long as it is vibrant, include it!

Luau Invitations

Luau is the Polynesian word and description of a feast or gathering, accompanied by activities and games – exactly what your Hawaiian themed party plans on being.

Set the scene by creating or buying Hawaiian themed invitations to send to family and friends. Don’t forget to request that guests come dressed for the occasion from Hawaiian print shirts (always in fashion!), to fun-bright shorts and skirts.

You may also want to prompt your guests to bring swimsuits, towels and sunscreen too, especially if you plan on swimming in the sea or enjoying a dip in your outdoor jacuzzi or paddling pool.


Just as your themed invitations set the scene, you need to greet your guests at the door is the traditional Hawaiian way.

A big smile, an enthusiastic ‘Aloha!’ and a traditional flowered lei, or necklace given to every guest. These are relatively inexpensive and can be purchased online or made yourself with string and bright tissue paper clumped together and tied onto the necklace.

Hawaiian Menu

Food and drink are an integral part of any party or feast and is especially important in the Hawaiian culture.

As a sun-drenched island, it is full of lush fruits and so anything fruit based works really well. Homemade fruit salad works great as does grilled fish on the BBQ. Coconuts are also associated with Hawaii and thus coconut chunks or flavoured foods are ideal.

Pork is also a popular meat in the Hawaiian diet but there are all kinds of simple but tasty Hawaiian dishes you can make for your party too.

When it comes to drinks, think fruits too from punchy tropical drinks filled with tasty pineapple and other strong-tasting fruits. There are plenty of non-alcoholic options too.

Serve in bright coloured cups, complete with fancy straws and paper cocktail umbrellas.

Hawaiian Party Activities

No party is complete without a few games. When you feel the party lull and the tunes are doing it any more, why not consider…?

  • Limbo – a broom handle will do held by one person at either end. You will be amazed at the hidden talent of some guests…
  • A hula lesson or contest
  • A trivia quiz – a few minutes of research online will bring out some great facts about the island
  • An award for the best Hawaiian costume

And when the party is done, bid your guests farewell with a Hawaiian themed filled party bags!