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Head for the outdoors – children’s party games for the outdoors

When it comes to outdoor parties, we can be left a little wanting as hosts; some children are happy to amuse themselves but occasionally, when collecting a group of children together to celebrate a party, making sure you have plenty of activities and games is a great way of making sure the party goes with a swing.

Here, we look at some party games including some old favourites to remind you, as well as some new ones and do-it-yourself activities too. Make sure you choose games that are appropriate for the age of the guests as every children’s party should go with a swing and a pop!

Buy the games

Most games need some kind of apparatus in order to be played successfully and thus, investing in some of the games ready made for the outdoors is a great way of having ideas up your sleeve for parties. Why not try…?

  • Anagrams – there are many games that take their cue from Scrabble and other such wordy games. Outdoor versions tend to have bigger ‘counters’ and letters so throw them up in the air, watch them land and then create the biggest word you can from the fall of the letter. Great for older children and adults; really squeeze the play with words following a theme.
  • Twister – who doesn’t love Twister? From small kids to grown adults, the game of Twister can be hilarious from the first spin of the arrow. Great for any age, but this is a physical game so have some sympathy on standby for stood on fingers and the like…
  • Jenga – the towering game of Jenga must surely be a favourite in every household but now it has been super-sized to include a ‘backyard’ version. Again, great for any age, creates suspense and lots on hilarity.
  • Dominoes – an old-fashioned favourite that like Jenga, has been super-sized. Introduce kids to the rules of dominoes and strategic thinking. A great game for instilling calmness and fair play.

Do it yourself!

There are, however, plenty of games that can be made at home to enjoy at home. All it takes are some basics bits of recycling materials, glue, paint, colours and time for you to end up with your own version of various games…

  • Toss the ring – a great favourite with it pedigree from circuses and fairs from centuries ago and has changed and morphed in to many different versions. All you need is a big board (wood or strong cardboard), somethings that can be used as hooks and some rings. Mark the hardest hook with the highest number, and the other with different scores and see who can score the highest in 3 throws a turn. A great way to introduce friendly competition – why not have a toss the ring league and crown the outright winner?
  • Rainbow hopscotch – you may have seen the buckets of outdoor chalks in local shops or online and they are a great investment. Lasting for ages, you can create all kinds of game outlines in the patio or garden pavers, including creating a multi-coloured, decorated and bright hopscotch area. Many games are passed from one generation to another by the older ‘kids’ teaching the younger ones how to play their game. And this is one… just make sure the kids get a go too!

*Top Tip – keep an eye out for luminous, glow in the dark chalk or washable paint. There is nothing quite like hopscotch in dusk or at night in the garden and, with it being school holidays too, you could always let the kids play…*

  • Giant pick sticks – this is a great game that again, takes some strategic thinking. You can buy the ‘sticks’ as part of the game or, if you have a load of garden canes hanging around, you could use these. But, kids will need supervision.
  • Your own Olypmics/assault course – every busy house with kids of all ages will have all kinds of toys and stuff hanging around, thus you could pool all these resources and make an assault course, or hole your own Olympics games! Anything from the old paddling pool, to creating your own crawl under net with gardening twine and cut down garden canes, the only limit is you imagination.

*Top Tip – many parents choose to hold parties that are based around a theme, with some being very popular. As a result, many of the games can be altered and modified to fit your theme*

There are all kinds of games and activities that you can buy or make yourself; experiment and enjoy an afternoon in the sun!