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‘Hello Kitty’ party games for kids

‘Hello Kitty’ is a fictional character developed by a company in Japan; first appearing in 1974, the Hello Kitty brand has simply grown and grown, without advertising!

Aimed at young girls, many people of all ages from across the world have fallen in love with this white, bobtailed cat with pink bow and there is more to the character than meets the eye. From stickers to greeting cards, from jewellery to Hello Kitty party supplies, there is something for every party!

Originally called the ‘white kitten with no name’, there have seen been several character profiles written, that latest of which suggest that Hello Kitty was born on London with her full name being Kitty White. Described as being 5 watermelons high and her weight as three apples, this has only endeared her to children even more.

Looking for Hello Kitty party games? Go no further as here are some great ideas for making your themed party go with a swing!

Hello Kitty face masks

There are many different online websites that allow you to download and print out a whole heap of Hello Kitty drawings and templates, including those that can be used for masks. You will obviously a mask per party guest (and extra for the ‘just in case’ emergencies!) and have them pre-cut out too, on some fairly robust card. Supply your party guests with crayons or felt tips, along with any other kinds of craft supplies that if befitting their age.

Adding pots of sparkling diamantes, along with feathers and fabrics can be a great way for them to create their own version or style of Hello Kitty. This is great as an activity that guests can plunge straight on in to as they arrive at a party.

Or, as it requires concentration and focus, you can also use it as a ‘calming down; activity either before home or before the food is served. However you use this activity, make sure there is plenty of praise heaped on every face mask creation!

Pin the bow

An iconic feature that sets the character of Hello Kitty apart from other white cat or white animal characters is the bow that sits slightly lop-sided over her left ear. Much like pin the tail on the donkey, blindfold guests and ask them to pin the bow on Hello Kitty.

Print off a large Hello Kitty face or, if you don’t have the printing facilities, there are many online and high street retailers who will print off large posters. Make sure that guests are blindfolded and then, using a larger fabric bow, see who gets nearest the spot of Hello Kitty’s pink bow!

This can be loads of fun; you can have this as a winning game (that is, the person closest to the spot wins a prize) or, you can just play it for fun!

Hello Kitty tails!

This is a game where you split the larger group into smaller groups. Each team will need two bowls, one full of Hello Kitty tails (cotton wool balls are popular!) and the other empty. Place the empty bowl a few feet away from the starting line that contains the cotton wool balls. Have enough balls for at least one per player on the team.

The idea of the game is to nose the tails along from one bowl to another, using, quite literally, only your nose (hands behind your back!). It is a great game, full of hysterical laughter and a little bit of well-meaning ‘cheating’.

Don’t have too many on one team or two big a gap between the bowls or your party guests will be there for hours…

Hello Kitty cookies!

Time to roll up your sleeves and get baking; invest in some Hello Kitty biscuit cutters and make some biscuits. Supply your party guests with icing of all colours and other edible decorations and get them creating their own Hello Kitty cookie.

Not for the faint-hearted as it can create oodles of sticky mess, creating your own cookie is a fabulous addition to party bags too.

Popular and available

Hello Kitty is a popular character that can be found in so many different guises, from bags to jewellery as well as helpful, downloadable kits and templates online. There are all kinds of party games that can be given a Hello Kitty spin on it too, from the quieter games to the happier, more exuberant games… how about playing musical statues to the album that Hello Kitty released a decade or so ago…?