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13 Hen Party Bag Filler Ideas

Your hen is over. It’s time to stumble home and fall into bed. Why not leave your hens something to smile about in the haze of their hangover?

#1 Hen party hangover survival kit

Essential for the morning-after-the-night-before, this ‘survival kit’ is simply essential. As well as a bottle of water, include a small pickup drink and a ‘hair of the dog’ option if you dare. Fizzy hangover cures are also worth the few pence to help your poor hens recover from the previous night shenanigans.

#2 Pamper bag

Your hens will be important at your upcoming nuptials, running here and there to make sure your big day goes without a hitch. Give them a lovely pamper bag that they’ll love. From a moisturising face pack to luxury creams and potions, there are all kinds of nifty little gifts they’ll thank you for.

#3 A thank you party bag

Staying on the theme of thanking your hens for everything that have and will do, a simple envelope, complete with a heartfelt note and an IOU is not only delightful but personal too.

#4 Novelty headwear

Party bags don’t have to be for after the event – they can be the pre-event hen party bag too! And thus, filling a bag with crazy novelties is ideal for getting the laughter flowing. And frankly, is there anything better than glitzy, glittery novelty headwear? No, we thought not…

#5 A cheeky shot and plastic shot glass

You don’t necessarily need alcohol for a crackin’ hen party but it can help to relax and shake off the stresses and shackles of modern life. Welcome your hens with a ‘welcome party bag’ complete with a miniature shot and shot glass.

#6 Personalised badges

Not that we are suggesting anyone will forget their name or who they are but when it comes to weddings, there is usually some kind of pecking order. As well as the bride, the bride’s mum and other top people, you want to make it clear to everyone that these are your hens. Personalised badges that fit with your theme are ideal.

#7 Eyelash wonders!

But no ordinary eyelashes. The more colourful and outlandish the better! Make it your theme and with every hen party bag, make sure each hen has bright, colourful eyelashes to wear as you either call at pubs and clubs in the vicinity or are enjoying a ‘quieter’ night in.

#8 Sashes

Another hen party staple but no one said you need to reinvent the wheel. Like personalised badges, personalised sashes are a great way of injecting both colour and fun into your party. As well as the bride to be and ‘team bride’, there are many companies who will personalise sashes with names and other text.

#9 Mugs

Some gifts are meant to last and personalised mugs are a brilliant idea. Order a job lot of mugs with your own personalised text – how about ‘[your name]’s hen party 2018’, for example? – warm in the knowledge that every time they make a cuppa, your hens will smile at the great memories. No need for a bag either, just stuff the mugs full of hot chocolate sachets and sweet treats.

#10 Dares and forfeits

You can include your hen party bags as part of your party, especially if everyone has at least one dare or forfeit in their bag. Take a look at these ideas for hen party dares and forfeits.

#11 Lip balm with a twist

Dry, cracked lips are no fun but you don’t need an excuse to pamper your hens with a range of luxury lip balms. From luxury own brand versions to some of the more decadent alcohol inspired balms – why not opt for a G&T flavoured lip balm – you could also get super-creative and make your own lip balm.

#12 Disposable cameras

In the digital age, this might seem like an old-hat idea but the problem with digital photos is that we can delete the best ones! And that’s why disposable cameras are still part of wedding and hen party supplies. Put a disposable camera in everyone’s bag, get them snapping all party-long, collect them in at the end and have them developed. And you will have a genuine story of your hen party shenanigans…

#13 Friendship bracelets

The reason why they are your hens is because they are your friends. With you through thick and thin, a pretty friendship bracelet is inexpensive but a little memento that for some people, will say an awful lot.