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How to feed all the kids at birthday parties

Birthday parties are great; full of fun and food, from delightful sandwiches to luscious cakes and sweets, the catering for a birthday party can take more planning than you think! There are loads of ideas and short cuts that you can take, without busting the party budget https://www.partybagsandsupplies.co.uk/catering

So don’t get caught out, follow our quick guide to make sure you know how to feel all the kids at birthday parties…

1.   How many are coming?

Catering for any event, including children’s birthday parties, all about the ‘numbers game’. If you inviting 20 children, cater for 25 and don’t forget the adult helpers and hangers on that will undoubtedly stay BUT, the good news is, the more invite the simple the catering seems to get, but this depends on your realism – a party tea for 5 children with burger and chips is fine, but for 25, it’s more than hassle than it is worth. Plumped for ready-made stuff at supermarkets and if someone offers to bake a batch of fairy cakes, bite their hand off!

Think ‘simple buffet’!

BUT, there are children with dietary needs from intolerances to allergies, and not forgetting cultural sensitivities. Always check – put a note on the invite or ask the parents BEFORE the party. The sign of good party catering is ensuring that no one leaves hungry.

2.   What time is the party?

You may have said 2 till 4pm or 10 till 12… or maybe an evening party. Times that are in-between the major or accepted meal times will not be ‘expected’ to provide a meal but be warned, if you party is over lunch or tea, then you may find that a limp sandwich and an iced fairy cake will be a disappointment. The moral here? Match your food to the time of day.

3.   How old are your guests?

Hovering parents at a toddler’s party will love the fact there is some fruit and veg on offer… but as the guests get older, the addition of a fruit bowl to the party table will just be clutter. The guests will be expecting sweets and cake; try as hard as you like, there is no changing this tradition. However, feeding sugary snacks until they are sick is not the right way to go about things either, so make sure that there is a limit of sugary snacks and drinks.

4.   Where is the party venue?

At home? – depending on the size of your table or the number of guests, you may want to sit the children round the table OR, the other option is a great picnic on the floor. You can purchase party boxes that you can pre-load with food for each guest.

At a venue? – some hired venues come with the option of catering, so why not opt for someone else doing the chicken nuggets and chips? In sense, all you need to worry about is supplying and cutting the cake, with the traditional rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’. Or you can opt for a simple buffet with sweet treats kept until later.

5.   Can you do it all yourself?

Throwing parties for children is not about winning some non-existent competition; some people do not have the time nor the inclination to fetch the apron and starting chopping, slicing, baking and generally creating masterpieces. However, if you are a cook and baker, you may not find this too much of a strain or departure from your daily life but for others, this is not the case. Head down to the supermarket and stock on pre-packed, pre-cooked sausage rolls, cocktail sausages and the like – convenience food is called convenience for a reason… and an afternoon of nibbling pre-cooked sausages and a ham sandwich will not stop the world from turning.

Why not share ideas and gain some too? https://www.netmums.com/activities/tag/party-food

Fool-proof party food that has stood the test of time over generations include…

  • Cheese, ham or cheese and ham sandwiches – the staple of any child’s party.
  • Party boxes – stick with 5 items per box; couple of sandwiches, a cheese stick, some grapes, biscuit and a small cake; don’t overload as it just gets wasted… after all, there is so much exploring, playing and games to do!
  • Ring the changes with the sandwiches and get out those cookie cutters – shapes sandwiches are all the rage!
  • Tortilla warps go down well too…
  • Other popular items include sausages, mini-pizzas, garlic bread, breadsticks with dips (we kid you not!)
  • Crisps!
  • Fairy cakes or small tasty treats…

You could go on and on and fill your house with party food, only to find you are eating party snacks for weeks afterwards!

Feeding all the kids at birthday parties is about planning, but keeping it simple!