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Minion Birthday Cake

How to make a Minion Birthday Cake!

Minions are incredibly popular and no surprise when you consider how unique these characters are. With their own language, and cute looks, many children have fallen in love ‘Despicable Me’ with the film as well as these adorable characters.

As a result, many children are requesting Minions themed parties; there are all kinds of Minion bunting and accessories from Party Bags and Supplies to use to really get the theme going but what about the cake?

Shop bought or make your own

Many parents opt for shop bought, and there are many great examples around from high street supermarkets. Or, if you don’t fancy these specimens, you can get one made but, these cakes can add an additional expense that some people don’t want.

Of course, how the cake looks in the glossy magazines, and how your end creation looks can be very different but, the great this about a Minion cake is that they really are easy to create. There are many Minion characters and so yours can be your own version.

The good news is that a Minion cake is easy to make and decorate. So, let’s get baking…

Step 1: The cake sponge

This is a flat cake, so no need for three-dimensional sculpting here. You can use pre-prepared cake mix or you can make your own using a recipe for a Victoria Sponge.

Ideally, the mixture needs to fit into a 9” by 13” flat baking sheet or tin that gives you a rectangle shape to make the cake. Invest in some yellow food colouring to give the sponge a bright yellow colour!

Line the tin really well and when cooked, simply leave it to cool; working with a cold cake for the decorating is far easier than a floppy, warm one.

Step 2: Getting the shape

With a sharp knife you now need to create the Minion shape – they are lozenge in shape. If you are not too confident and don’t fancy hacking in to your sponge free-hand, why not cut out the shape on grease proof paper and use this as your guide?

Straighten off the top and bottom of your Minions shape cake.

Step 3: Layer 1 – the yellow

The basis of all Minions is the bright yellow colour that they are with blue and black, and a hint of white. The first layer is the yellow colour.

You can make your own butter icing or buy readymade and again, use yellow food colouring to get the yellow you want. Too much, however will turn the icing mixture orange, and too little will make it look too insipid. Take your time and add the yellow colouring little by little.

Smoother your cake in the yellow frosting and then allow to cool and ‘set’ in the fridge. Once set, you might want to add another fine layer of icing or frosting on top; ideally, let this set too.

Step 4: Layer 2 – the blue

Four inches from the bottom, draw a curved line, like a smile on the cake. The bottom part of the cake will now be covered in blue frosting or icing to make the Minion pants. Define the edge between the blue and yellow, wither by piping black icing on or with a band of liquorice.

Step 5: The eye

The Minion eye needs to be the centre piece of the cake and thus it pays to spend a little time on this.

It needs to be raised from the cake and the easiest way is to use roll out icing, cutting several circles using a pastry cutter. Stack the circles together to give a tall eye and then use brown icing or edible food pen to make the ‘iris’ of the eye.

Stick the eye to cake, using icing sugar as a paste.

Step 6: Accessorise

Using liquorice strings is best way to creating the defining features of your Minion cake:

  • Set an off centre smile using a short piece of curved liquorice string
  • Give your Minion some strands of hair by poking in some shorter liquorice string around the top of the head
  • Create some edging using the liquorice strings too

Step 7: Candles, sing, enjoy!

This simple Minion cake will be incredibly effective and with some many Minions characters to choose from, you could make your own Minion specifically for the birthday boy or girl.

If you are feeling particularly brave, you could always sing Happy Birthday in the Minion language (sing it backward, and everyone will think you are amazing!)