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How to organise an army themed birthday party…

… in 8 easy steps

Army themed parties are popular with both boys and girls, from early years to older children. There are many accessories and decorations all of which can be used in an army themed party but, apart from decking out the party venue in camouflage netting and the like, what else can you do to make the party go off with a bang?

There are all kinds of steps you can take to make the army themed party perfect for all party guests, as well as the guest of honour… and it’s more than just army party bags (although these are great too!);

Step 1: It all starts with the invitation

There are many different kinds of invites that you can both buy from online retailers as well as downloading templates to create your own. With any themed party, setting the scene starts with the invite and make sure that you make any dress requirements immediately obvious. How about asking your guests to attend wearing khaki or camouflage uniform?

Step 2: Try something very different!

Hand delivering the invites is one thing but, how about hiring a professional in army character to deliver the invites to guests?

Or, if this sounds far too budget busting, why not hire the same person to act as a ‘kind’ sergeant major for the duration of the party? Just like you can hire people to dress as characters, from princess to knights in shining armour, hiring someone to be an army type character is a perfect way of adding an extra something to your party.

Step 3: Accessorise the venue, army-style

The typical colours involved in army themed parties include greens, usually a darker greens, as well as beige or creams, as seen in camouflage pattern. There are all kinds of army themed plates, cups and accessories but, complement these with plain, contrasting colours; balloons are a great way of dressing the venue and using these in different and contrasting colours can add much needed colour to a venue.

Step 4: get your army games sorted!

Army themed games can be anything you like, but with a sergeant-major on hand to whip up the excitement (or calm it down!), these games can become army-themed in no time.

Paint balling is a great party activity for teenagers or adults but, for younger children, it can be a little too dangerous, as well as too strategic! Why not tone down the whole paint ball thing and opt for water filled balloons instead? Have two sides protecting their territory outside and give each side a flag; the aim is for them to sneak undetected by the other side to get their flag on their opponents’ territory. Whichever side achieves this first is the winner!

Great for summer parties in the outdoors but make sure there is plenty of adult supervision and that everyone is safe.

Step 5: get your army music sorted!

Music is a great way to get kids on their feet and moving but, don’t forget that marching is something more common to the army than dancing (on a daily basis anyway!). With army musical statues, have the mini-troops marching up and down as the music plays and keep their position as the music stops.

Step 6: get the army rations sorted… and drinks too!

Army food can be notorious for not being the most tasty or colourful and, seeing as this is a party, you will need to ensure that there is plenty of food and drink for mini-soldiers too.

There are all kinds of ‘ration’ boxes to choose from, which can all be pre-prepared for party guests that contain a variety of food and treats.

Step 7: get your army party bags ready

And when the party ends, and you bid goodbye to your troops, it is a lovely way to say farewell and thank you your guests for attending by giving them a party bag.

Army themed parties can continue this theme right through to the very end, with army themed gifts and treats in the bag. Label each bag not only with the guest names, but also use army ranks and titles, such as Corporal.

Step 8: sit back and revel in success

With forward planning, from the invitations onwards, you can host the most amazing army themed party that will be talked about for many weeks after…