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How to pick the right party venue for your child’s party

You have a birthday party in the planning and every year, the ideas seem to get grander and the guest list longer. Finding perfect kid’s birthday party places can be tough. No doubt you have a budget and this may not be bottomless.

You may have issues with the number of people willing to help, logistics of travel and so on to also factor into your plans. We look at four great ideas for hosting a birthday party of your child, looking at the pros and cons of each.

But remember, what is an advantage to one person may not be for you, so make sure you consider what is right for you and your birthday boy or girl.

Perfect party venues

  1. Home

The pros of this are obvious:

  • You have everything you need to hand
  • No need to pack the car with everything for the party, only to findyou have forgotten the birthday candles for the cake… just as you go to light them
  • You can have people round at any time of the day as you are not confined to a time slot of two or three hours
  • The birthday boy or girl may feel more comfortable at home too
  • Party guests and their parents may already know where it is, thus a birthday party at home can be easy to find

For some people however, this is one of their least favourite kid’s birthday party places:

  • Mess – it doesn’t stay in the party room but slowly travels through the house. You can be picking chewing gum from the carpet for weeks
  • Time – not everyone appreciates having a house full of people for hours and hours…
  • Weather – if you are planning a garden party and the weather turns wet, you have to still entertain those children somewhere
  1. Community Centre, local church hall and so on

For many people, having the party away from home is the ideal in terms of kid’s birthday party places and hiring a local venue is great:

  • Loads of space for guests to run around
  • Local church halls and community centres are safe places, with fire escapes and so on should the worse happen
  • Some have outdoor space you can use too
  • You book a slot and prepare, host and tidy up in the allocated time
  • Many of these venues are also really cheap as you are literally hiring a room and nothing more

But, this DIY approach is not to everyone’s taste:

  • Mess – you have to clear every last sweet wrapper, leaving the place as you found it
  • Finding the right place – not all community halls and so on are easy to reach, and parking can be a problem too
  • You do everything – from entertaining to making sure that everyone has plenty of food, the responsibility of hosting a brilliant party is on your shoulders
  1. Specialist party hosting venues

There are all kinds of examples of these, from restaurants and play centres. For many parents, these are the one of the most perfect of kid’s birthday party places:

  • The venue literally does everything from supplying the food and party bags, to tidying up and the end
  • You ‘hover and supervise’

But, there are some downsides to this option…

  • Parties can feel the same – for popular venues, when kids have attended a few parties there, it soon becomes clear that there is little change or individuality between one party and the next
  • Expense – these parties can also be expensive; starting at around £5 a head, the cost can soon mount up
  1. The local park, nature reserve and so on

Taking your party outdoors is a great way to host a party that is a little different The perfect venue for parties there are several pros and cons:

  • Something different – spending the afternoon at the park, playing games and enjoying themselves is a great basis for any party
  • Free – the venue itself is free, meaning you only need to bring along girl’s and boy’s birthday party supplies
  • Large or small numbers – this party venue is great for when you are hosting a small or large number of guests

But, there can be some drawbacks:

  • Weather dependant – like a garden party, you are at the mercy of the weather so you will need a plan B
  • Help – you will need plenty of adult supervisors to keep an eye on every guest making sure they don’t wander off
  • You do everything – from outdoor party games to party bags, you do everything

Which party venue would you choose?