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How to plan a boy’s birthday party

It may be an annual event you face with dread – the hosting of a birthday party for an excited birthday boy and his rambunctious friends.

Boy’s birthday party ideas can sometimes seem hard to come by, especially when you consider the other birthday parties that you have attended. It seems that everyone else have got in first and snaffled the best ideas for themselves, leaving you wondering how on earth you can make your party fun, different and stand out.

Planning it can be a nightmare too, leaving you feeling stressed for days on end in the run up to the party. After it, you may collapse in a tired heap but with sticky sweets to lever off the floors, carpets and rugs for weeks on end. It feels like you have just recovered from one party when you need to do it all again.

However, help is at hand with this quick, simple guide to planning a boy’s birthday party that will see you in control and enjoy hosting the annual birthday bash.

Plan, plan, and plan

If you are not naturally organised or a great list-maker, then you may struggle with the plan, plan, plan part of organising and hosting a birthday party for your little boy.

The truth is, the more you can think about what the birthday boys wants and how you are going to achieve this, the better the outcome – and the smoother and more stress-free the birthday bash will be.

So, with notebook and pen at the ready, start planning…

Top tip – depending on the size of your party, thinking through and making concrete plans like booking a venue, the guest list and so on can start around three or four weeks in advance. If the party is much larger in terms of guest lists and size, you will need to elongate this planning period.

Set a budget – and stick to it

Planning and hosting a great boy’s birthday party does NOT have to come with a huge price tag. All too often, there is a competitive spirit that seems to form mysteriously in the primary school age years, with families and parents attempting to outdo each other with each and every party.

First and foremost, keep in mind that this party is a social event for your little boy and his friends to celebrate his birthday. It is meant to be a fun and happy occasion, something which can be organised on a shoe string if necessary.

So, set aside a realistic budget and stick to it.

Top tip – if your budget is particularly tight, you can make several changes that can lessen the financial impact, from reducing the guest list to doing some of the activities yourself, such as homemade party bags or you being the entertainer with the games.

Theme the party

If you are struggling to pull the party together, what can instantly ease this is choosing a theme for the party. There are all kinds of ideas and inspirations online, with accompanying boy’s party packs making it even easier.

Your little man might have an idea all of his own and this is a great start. From superheroes to cowboys, to under the sea to adventure, there are all kinds of themes that make for a great backdrop.

Don’t make the party too long

Many parents find that they parties end on a less-than-perfect note and this is because of many possible reasons, one of which is the party went on too long for the age group in attendance.

The smaller and younger children are the less time they need at something as overly-exciting as a birthday party. For babies and toddlers, an hour and a half is usually enough time for excitement, extending to around 2 and a half hours from primary school children from 5 until 11 or 12 years of age. Anything longer can soon plummet from kids having a great time, into tired, hot, thirsty, griping children.

Don’t sweat the small stuff

Order a cake or buy one from the bakers. Pre-stuff party bags. Pre-make as much of the food as possible and keep the menu simple and straightforward. Have it ready, on serving plates covered with plastic food film or have the party food pre-packed into boxes and so on.

Top tip – even with paid entertainment, there may be lulls or periods when your birthday boy and his friends will need to be entertained or kept amused. Buy a great book of party games or have a list of online party game ideas and have this to hand; it will serve you well for years and years.