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How to plan a Disney Princess party

Disney create and release some great films. Invariably, they are aimed at children and, with some of their animated characters becoming ever popular, there will be a time that every parent or carer will need to plan and host a Disney princess party.

Feminine, lovely and pink, these parties are the stuff of memories and can be magical from the moment you open the door to your first guest to the moment you bid farewell. For all little girls, there are a whole range of Princess parties supplies and accessories to choose from in order to make their party the very best.

How to create the perfect princess party: in 8 easy steps

Step 1: Choose your princess

Disney has many princess from which your little girl, the guests of honour and chief Princess, can choose or you can keep it as a general theme. Or, if you decide that Disney Princesses are the way forward, the famous franchise has an official list of its ‘princesses’, so choose from:

  • Jasmine
  • Ariel
  • Rapunzel
  • Tiana
  • Belle
  • Merida
  • Cinderella
  • Pocahontas
  • Aurora
  • Mulan
  • And finally, Snow White

Step 2: Costumes

Any little girl having a princess party will no doubt want to be dressed as a princess and, on your invites you will need to notify or ask your guests to either comes as princesses themselves or not. Princess costumes tend to be fairly inexpensive now, as are the must-have accessories – the twinkling crown and the like.

Step 3: invitations

Disney Princess parties are popular themes for little girl’s parties and thus, when it comes to invites you can either order ready-printed ones online or you can create your own. If you are spreading out your budget, there are many templates that can be downloaded for free, meaning you can spend your budget on the must-have Princess decorations and accessories.

Top tip: don’t forget to ask people to let you know by a certain date if they will be attending; it will make your planning of the Royal Buffet for your Princesses easier!

Step 4: Decoration and supplies

Most Princesses live in regal palaces and this is essentially what you need to re-create for your birthday princess. However, help is at hand with all kinds of decorations and party supplies available!

However, you cannot go far wrong with pink and white, along with a smattering of glitter and silver. Having plenty of balloons all over the place, some delightful Disney Princess banners and the like and your party venue will be transformed into a magical palace or castle.

Step 5: enjoy some games and crafts

Your princesses may not want to run around too much in the long, flowing princess dresses but you will need to entertain your guests too. Add a touch of regal-ness to proceedings but making sure some of these games have a clear slant to your princess themed party.

Musical statues can be a great game that can be played a few times as part of your party, as well as some craft ideas such as creating your own crown. With crowns printed on card and cut out ready, why not supply all your guests with plenty of child-safe glue, sequins and jewels, feathers and paint for them to create an amazing crown. You could, if you wanted, have a winner or you can award all your princesses with a delightful treat.

Step 6: the cake!

If you spend your budget nowhere else, always make sure if you are hosting a Princess party that you spend some time on the cake. Anything from a beautiful white horse (doesn’t every princess have a delightful white pony?), to a large castle or crown is the perfect shape for a birthday cake, fit for a princess.

Step 7: royal buffet!

Every party needs food and with Disney Princess parties, you need to make sure that your food is fit for the royal guests! Dainty sandwiches and lovely cupcakes, all served on princess plates – either themed or plain in colour – will make your party just perfect for your birthday princess.

Step 8: regal party bags

The likelihood is that you will have a gaggle of lively princess, and maybe the odd one or two reluctant prince’s at your party, but a lovely way of waving goodbye at the end of your party to all your guests is to give them a delightful party bag. Filled with goodies, these party bags can have a range of sweet treats, as well as some glittery rings and the like for all princesses.