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How to pull off the perfect boy’s children’s party

What are little boys made of?

Snips and snails

And puppy-dogs’ tails

For many parents, hosting a birthday party can ‘The Annual Nightmare’. Full of potential diplomatic incidents with social repercussions, planning and hosting a boy’s birthday party can feel like an uphill struggle.

From tablecloths, to boy’s party bags, to the entertainment and the food, there is a far easier way of pulling off the perfect boy’s party.

#1 The theme

Unfortunately, we are still in the habit of dividing activities and parties into boys’ stuff and girls’ stuff. Times are changing and children, always open to trying new things, may not necessarily expect every party bash they go to be to, to be full of army stuff, football, any other sport and so on.

However, what will clearly guide the theme of the party, if you have one, is the likes and dislikes of the birthday boy himself. If he wants a superhero party, have it. If he just wants his mates round for the afternoon, do it. Don’t be swayed into thinking that every party has to outdo the other.

#2 The guest list

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to this but, you will have some considerations:

  • Venue – if the party is at home, you may want, for reasons of your sanity, to limit the numbers. Or, if you can rely on the weather being kind, make it an outdoor event if you have plenty of garden space. If you are hiring a venue, you may find that they have a maximum number but again, don’t assume that because the party venue holds 30 guests that you have to invite this number of party-goers.
  • The mix – every party needs to go with a bang but, the right kind of bang. If you know that certain mixes of guests are not a good combination, then you can either be diplomatic with your guest list choice or make sure that you have plenty of people on hand to diffuse and divert.

True to say however, is that the bigger the guest list, the more planning of the party will be needed.

#3 The invites

This is an important document. Not as important as the Magna Carta but, for your own planning needs this is the piece of paper that provides all the necessary information to other parents. The start and pick up times, as well as the venue, are probably the most important pieces of information.

Parties should be great fun but, if they drag on and on, children can become tired and anxious – and your party could start to slowly unravel.

There is nothing wrong is asking parents to ensure that they pick up their little person at a certain time.

#4 The entertainment

Every party needs to have some kind of entertainment, otherwise you will have a marauding bunch of guests with nothing to do or focus on – and this becomes tough to supervise.

Whether you are doing it yourself or buying in entertainment, you need to be sure that the entertainment will do just that – entertain.

Having some party games up your sleeve is simply essential, with probably the most important ones being those that help to calm the party guests. Perfect for use before food, at the end of the party and a game on the go for when guests arrive is a great way of welcoming guests, and saying good bye with boy’s party bags at the ready.

There are all kinds of games to attract attention, as well as to put some semblance of order on things too.

#5 Party bags – yes or no?

In recent times, there has been some discussion and debate on whether party bags are worth the money. Some go on to question why parents have fallen in to this consumerist trap.

However, there is something special and quite delightful for a child of any gender or age to receive a little bag of surprises. Party bags probably stem from favours that were given out at huge social events and gatherings of the upper classes. The original idea was to spread good will amongst guests as they left – and we think that this should be how it is today too.

From small stationary sets to bouncing balls, bubbles and more, boy’s party bags need not be expensive nor extravagant – nor stuffed with sweets!

And finally…

Now you have everything planned, from the entertainment to the food, enjoy it! Childhood passes so quick that before you know it, these early childhood years will be gone.