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little girl celebrating her birthday

How to pull off the perfect girl’s children’s party!

What are little girls made of?
Sugar and spice
And all things nice beautiful

An extract from a traditional 19th Century nursery rhyme holds a few of little girls being sweet and innocent. Princess-like in manners and impeccable behaviour, little girls enjoy all kinds of party themes. From playing pass the parcel to the excitement of handing out girls party bags, a party should be hours of fun, fun, fun!

In this day and age where more people are aware that gender no longer fits into two neat boxes, discussing party theme for a girl’s party may seem a little foolhardy.

That said, many a little girl enjoys being the centre of attention and if nothing else, this is exactly what a birthday party is all about. It is a chance to celebrate turning another year older with their favourite people, but it is also an important way in which children learn to socialise.

With this is mind, here are five tips to hosting the perfect birthday bash for little girls…

#1 Choose a theme
For the younger birthday girl and her guests, choosing a theme is somewhat essential. It immediately gives your party ‘direction’; in other words, guests will know what to wear and to a certain extent, what to expect too.
Choosing a theme can be tough, especially if everyone else seems to be doing the same thing. We have come across some great on-trend ideas for girl’s parties:
• Tea Party – host it in your lounge, garden or local park. Ask your guests to come in their finest and serve food on cake stands, with pretty napkins. Think pastel colours and doylies.
• Sleep over – you may have just sucked in your breath, imagining a night of no sleep and raucous kids running throughout the house. We suggest keeping the guest numbers low and setting some ground rules when everyone arrives. Make sure you set a going home time for the morning too. Girls party bags on this occasion can be something else; why not include a toothbrush, mini tube of toothpaste, along with other accessories? Anything that glitters is usually a hit.

#2 The invites
Now you have your theme, your invites are the perfect way to get the ball rolling. If you are using a Disney or princess theme for example, there are all kinds of options to buy invite card that match your theme.

Or, if you are really arty, why not make your own? The birthday girl could get involved too.
Top tip – be specific about drop off and pick up times, as well as where the party is. You might also want to ask if there are any specific dietary requirements. We are not talking about likes and dislikes, more allergies and intolerances.

#3 The food
An army marches on its stomach, so to speak, and so does the birthday girl and her guests. The food should be tasty, healthy-ish and easily prepared in advance. From pizzas, to dainty sandwiches, there are all kinds of tasty morsels that can make it to the party table.
One great way of being uber-organised when it comes to the food is to have party boxes bursting with food ready for each guest as they take a seat at the table. Or, if your guests are a little older, a buffet style menu is perfect.

Remember, the key to party food is bite sized morsels. Nothing complicated or over-fussy.

#4 The guests
You want everyone to have fun with possibly the biggest diplomatic exercise is the guest list. If you are hosting the party at home, for obvious reasons you may want to limit the number of guests. The truth is that you cannot cope with the whole class in your three bed semi so stick to your limit!
However, if you are hiring a venue, the local church or community hall for example, it may not be that bad having 30 small guests running around. The bigger the guest list, the more quality you lose in terms of interaction. In some ways, it can become a free-for-all. There is nothing wrong with this but there comes a time when the birthday girl will want something different.

#5 The extra help
Children’s parties are fun. But they are exhausting and, if you don’t have a few extra hands about the place, you will find that you do nothing but run from one end of the party venue, to the other, over and over and over again.

Just having the grandparents around, collecting rubbish and just generally helping out is a bonus and, if anyone else offers, take them up on their offer too.

In summary
With pre-planning and super organisation, you can host a birthday party perfect for a birthday girl. And don’t forget, opt for all things nice.