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How to Throw a Baby Shower on a Budget

Baby showers are common place in other countries but as a tradition here in the UK, they are just beginning to become embedded in our culture.

They are a chance for the pregnant mum to enjoy being pampered as she nears the end of her pregnancy. Some baby showers are used as gender reveal parties too, although some soon-to-be parents enjoy keeping this a secret.

Preparing for a new baby is expensive enough as it is, so funding a baby shower can seem like a financial step too far.

However, with our clever guide, you can celebrate with the mum-to-be and not be too out of pocket either.

#1 Venue

There are many venues you can hire that are affordable and in some cases, free:

  • Community centres – cheap to hire by the hour, they usually have a kitchen for hot drinks and food although this is a self-serve/ DIY approach
  • Church halls etc. – again, cheap to hire they are also beautiful buildings that have plenty of character to them, making a great backdrop for your baby shower. Some come with kitchen facilities too.
  • Your home/friend’s home etc. – having your baby shower at home instantly saves you cash but it can mean cleaning up etc. However, with great friends like yours, there will be plenty of volunteers to help.

#2 Invitations

The bigger the guest list, the more space and food etc. you will need so if the purse strings are tight, then keep your guest list small.

You can ask people to the baby shower by word of mouth or maybe take advantage of a private group chat on Facebook or another social media site.

Or, check out free downloadable templates online that make producing your own baby shower invitations a doddle.

There are also examples of affordable invitations from online suppliers too…

#3 Decorations

You don’t want to spend loads on decorating your venue and luckily, we have a great idea:

Make your own baby clothes washing line! Use twine or string as the washing line, and peg the baby clothes and socks you have to the washing line! Perfect!

Use a few balloons about the place and you have a brilliant backdrop to your fun baby shower.

#4 Food

Food is the main drain on your budget.

No matter how pregnant you are, you don’t want to spend hours on your feet preparing sandwiches and baking tasty morsels. If ever there was a time when you can return to the party food section in your local supermarket, now is the time.

Your guests will also want to rally around, making sure that you have the best for your baby shower, so you may find that plates of food and the customary trifle find their way to the buffet table.

The rule is simple – keep it simple!

#5 DIY Baby Shower Games

We can hear you groan from here but a few baby shower games are great for breaking the ice, getting people introduced and helping your baby shower go off pop.

We have come across some great ideas;

  • Don’t Say Baby! – as everyone arrives, give them a safety pin asking them to pin it to their top. When everyone has arrived, tell them they are not allowed to say If they hear someone say it, they can take their pin, adding it to their collection. The person with the most pins at the end of the baby shower wins a prize!
  • Guess the Items in the Bag – grab a big bag and fill with all kinds of baby items, from rattles to teething rings and more. Everyone takes a turn at guessing the item they are feeling…
  • Secret’s Out – this is probably best created by a friend who separately asks the mum and dad 20 questions (do you want a girl or a boy? What’s been the funniest pregnancy incident? and so on). Just like the game ‘Mr & Mrs’, have Mum and Dad sat answering how they think their partner answered the questions. Or, if dad has hightailed it out of there, you could just ask mum what she thinks dad will have answered to the questions.

#6 Fun, Memories and Stories are FREE!

The idea behind a baby shower is to have fun, enjoying the company of family and friends. Some showers are kept as female only but some showers are larger parties, with ladies and gentlemen, and children too.

It is a time to celebrate the miracle that is pregnancy and assure Mum that what lies ahead may be hard, but with the support of family and friends, everything is possible…