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How to throw a party that both children and adults will enjoy

Planning a party need not be stressful but we often feel the pressure. After all, you want all your guests, children and adults to be entertained, leaving the party after having a really good time.

As a result, we all look for fun party ideas for kids and adults; here we have collected some great ideas, as well as hints and tips of how to throw a party that entertains the kids and the adults.

Mix it up!

There are times when birthday parties are not just about the kids enjoying themselves. Alongside the kid’s party, there could be an adult one too and it is possible to mix and match these parties.

#1 The children need to be occupied

The only way a party can go off with a swing, with adults enjoying themselves too, is when the children or younger guests are occupied.

This simply takes a little fore-thought, as well as some adult input. For example, having games set out, art and crafts that they can dip in and out of are just a few ideas.

Depending on the size of the group and the age range, why not have a movie afternoon or evening for the kid’s? Who doesn’t love popcorn and a good film?

#2 Separate areas or not?

Supervising the young guests is important, for their safety as well as for promotion of harmony when the to-be-expected tiffs and fall outs happen.

However, there is no denying that the younger guests and the adults, do enjoy their own spaces, where the latest gossip and goings-on can be discussed without the parent’s eaves-dropping – and vice versa!

Clearly, whether you have separate rooms or not will depend on the age of the children. In all likelihood, the younger the guests the less chance there would be of this happening.

#3 Someone in charge

When it comes to younger guests, there is no doubt that having someone in charge is essential. This person can monitor behaviour, suggest changes to the way some may be behaving, suggestions as what to do next or how to do it and so on.

Children are used to an adult being in charge – they go to school with the clear expectation that the teacher or assistant will tell them what to do and when.

With older children, this is a little different and they will be expecting a little more privacy and freedom. However, knowing that everyone is safe and letting a supervising adult sort out any trouble is an assignment that needs to be designated to one or two sensible guests.

#4 Pick a theme

Sometimes the simplest of things work and when it comes to parties, having a theme is a great way of giving a party some direction and focus. Not everyone enjoys dressing up however, but there are other things people can do to follow a theme.

#5 Choosing the right time

When a party becomes a little tense and over-wrought, it is usually because the younger guests are either hungry, thirsty or tired.

Choosing the right time for the younger guests is essential thus, if you are having smaller children, consider a 3 or 4pm start. Anything later than 6pm can simply mean you parties dies on its feet before it has even started.

#6 Accessories don’t need to be over the top

Decorations can be delightful and really set the venue up for a super atmosphere. However, don’t go overboard with the decorations – keeping them simple is far more effective in helping your party stay informal.

#7 Finger food and help yourself buffet

Some parties become a little bit of a flop simply because the hosts are running back and forth, here, there and everywhere with  .

There is no compensation for laying out a buffet and inviting people to help themselves. This informality can really help with the party flowing nicely.

Get as much done before your guests arrive too so that you can donate as much time to them as you can.

#8 Relax

Parties should not be stressful. A party, no matter what the age of your participants, should be about fun, mingling and entertaining. Becoming stressed over decorations, food and spilled drinks is not what it should be about and yet, we become embroiled in the small, and often inconsequential details.

Parties are about people and this is why when it comes to entertaining children and adults, that there is plenty to do for the kids, and plenty of opportunities for the adults to relax.