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How to Throw the Perfect Emoji Party

When it comes to choosing a children’s party theme, there are literally hundreds to choose from. But emojis are everywhere.

A source of communication for adults and children alike, they litter all kinds of texts from short message via smart phones to emails and more.

An emoji-theme party is the perfect solution for a party, no matter what age the recipient. And this is what you need to throw the perfect party.

#1 Know your emojis

At the last point of counting, there were 1,851 emojis all depicting emotions from someone shrugging their shoulders to being super-excited.

Most emoji-themes party accessories will be full of the smiley-face emoji, exactly what you want as you want your party as fun-filled as possible.

#2 Decorate the Venue

There are all kinds of emoji-themed accessories that are perfect for decorating the venue. From balloons to table covers, plates and more.

It can look too busy, depending on the size of your venue to have everything emoji-themed. We think the less is more approach works well when using this theme.

The smile face emoji is bright yellow and this makes a great starting point for choosing colours for the venue.

Yellow partners well with a range of colours, but especially suit vibrant red, bright green and bright pinks and blues.

Don’t forget to add helium balloons too. We have a range of emoji balloons, from a winking emoji to the LOL emoji!

#3 The Emoji-Cake

The great thing about emojis are their simplicity, even when they are trying to convey strange or unpleasant emotions, such as crying.

However, clearly for a party you want to keep the mood light and thus, creating your own happy emojji cake just make be a possibility.

For your own fantastic cake, simply bake a sponge (vanilla or chocolate) and once cooled, used pre-made icing to create the cake.

Use bright yellow for the cover, and then cut small circles out of brown or black icing, followed by a larger, half circle to form the background of the mouth. Use red or pink icing to form the tongue. Add candles and hey presto, you have a fabulous birthday cake!

#4 Party Games

You need to keep your guests entertained and this means coming up with some great party games.

Games can be used to get a party started, as well as calm guests before you serve the delicious birthday buffet.

There are many ways that you can add an emoji twist to your party games;

  • Escape the Emoji – creating your own emoji enemy and set the group a task of having to escape its clutches. You can do this as an obstacle course in which the group must not lose contact with each other (they can hold hands or each other’s clothing etc).
  • Emoji ‘What’s the time?’ Game – you may remember this game. One person is ‘it’ – in this case the emoji (create an emoji mask for them to wear) whilst the other guests line up at the starting point. They all ask in chorus ‘what time is it emoji?’ to which ‘It’ answers – two o’clock, 4 o’clock etc. Depending on the number given this is how many steps forward the line of guests take. Continue to do this until the emoji answers ‘time to capture you all!’ and then tries to catch as many guests as possible with a tap on the shoulder! Great for wearing guests out at the end of the party.

We have a great range of party prizes too, from cute emoji bouncy balls to fantastic winner’s medals.

Need party games inspiration? Take a look here.

#5 Themed Party Bags

As your party draws to a close and your bid you guests goodbye, you will want to continue the theme with emoji-themed party bags.

The great news is, as you would expect, we have a fantastic range of party bags and fillers. From stationery festooned with emoji icons of all kinds, to keyrings, jigsaws and more, we have something that is both affordable and appropriate for the age group of your guests.

Of all the children’s party themes, we think that an emoji filled party is one of the most fun you can have. There are so many emoticons that you can include as many as you like.

For a fun-filled party, we have everything that you need. Ever conscious of your budget, we keep prices low, without compromising on quality. Take a look!