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How to turn party bags into posh party bags!

The party bag must surely be one the most iconic staples of any birthday party. And yet, it is a tradition that seems to be shrouded in mystery and uncertainty.

Some say that party bags and fillers is a tradition that has been borrowed from other cultures. There are many cultures lost in the midst of a time that have left evidence to say that the loser in sports would receive a ‘losing gift’, as a thank you or an acknowledgement of taking part.

On the other hand, some people suggest that it may be linked to a time when the well-to-do in society showed their wealth to the local community by giving away gifts. The more lavish these gifts were the higher their standing and the more the locals enamoured these people.

However, there were times when the giving of gifts or alms in some cultures were banned, leading to some historians speculating that the offering and distribution of party bags – as hard as this may be to believe – were an act of civil disobedience! Who would have thought the humble party bag could be such a weapon of protest?

From the humble to the poshest party bag in town!

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to providing party bags and what should be in them although there are times when the ‘best party bag’ can be a competition amongst parents. Some people, however, still use the party bags as a way of saying thank you for coming and thanks for your gifts too.

If you are looking to add your personality to party bags, or maybe add some much-needed sparkle, then why not add some amazing gems to your party bags to transform them from the ordinary to the extraordinary?

Posh party bag 1 – Add a cinema ticket

This is not the expensive option that you think it is! Child tickets to the largest cinema change across the country start at only a few pounds and can certainly be more than adequate to attend the cartoons or kids films on a Saturday morning.

Maybe all your party guests to arrange to meet up at the same time? This would be a great activity for during the school holidays too.

Posh party bag 2 – add some jewellery

Again, this doesn’t mean adding the Koh-l-Noor, the mountain of light Persian diamond now valued as being priceless to every bag.  In fact, there are all kinds of relatively inexpensive kid’s jewellery that can add sparkle to a party bag.

Anything from a ring to a bracelet, to a necklace or even earrings can make a real impact. Presented beautifully too in small boxes or velvet bags can make them look even better. Imagine their delight as they open their sparkling surprise in their party bag.

Posh party bag 3 – Personalised gifts

One of the best ways of making kids actually fall in love with their party bag is the provision of something specifically for them.

This can be anything from personalised homemade cookies to a customised cake. There are many online providers too who offer the option of personalising the wrapper of chocolate bars. You can include the child’s name as well as a small thank you for a message.

Opting for something personalised in this way shows that a lot of care and attention has gone into the party but that the guests themselves are also really valued, and their company enjoyed and appreciated.

Posh party bag 4 – online game voucher, Club Penguin

Club Penguin is an online world full of friends and is an ever-changing world where the options to play, create socialise are more or less endless. It is a well-known gaming platform for young children, educating them in how to game and interact online, as well as teaching them how to stay safe on the Internet.

They provide a whole heap of gift cards – both online when emailed to a recipient email address – or you can print the vouchers off yourself and include online. There is a whole section devoted to parents, explaining what the game is and how it is monitored and so on. It also describes how the people joining the game are controlled too.

Better still is that there is no way for a child to buy credit or make automatic payments without parents knowledge or consent.

Party bags are loved by everyone and so why not take another look at how you can transform the ordinary party bag into the extraordinary party bag.