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The Most Inventive Fancy Dress Themes Ever

We’ve seen them all before – movie stars, flappers and flower power… Now it’s time to arrange a fancy dress party that is completely out of the ordinary with one of these truly inventive themes!

There are some classic fancy dress ideas that never go out of style. Almost everyone must have been invited to the classic “tarts and vicars” party at some point, and you’ll almost certainly have seen photos on Facebook of 1960s “hippie parties”. If you’re throwing a fancy-dress party, why not go for something a little more creative? Here are some top suggestions for the most inventive fancy dress themes ever.

Traffic Light Party

This one is a great idea for large mixed groups where guests are unlikely to already know each other. The idea is that each invitee wears green, yellow or red depending on their relationship status. Those who are in a committed relationship can wear red as a warning to potential suitors, while those who aren’t too sure can opt for amber. If you’re wearing green, you’re good to go!

Album Covers

 Whilst going to a party dressed as a pop star or famous singer is a tried and tested theme, why not go for something a little different and centre your event around album covers? Guests can work on their costume alone or in groups to recreate some of the most iconic albums in history. Think Abbey Road… but who gets to be the zebra crossing?

Tube Stations

 While this is best suited to the London crowd, it’s still a theme that works anywhere. You could let your guests choose their own station or assign them one at random so you get no repeats. It’s up to you. Guests can either go with the obvious – for example, Elephant & Castle which really requires no explanation.Or think laterally, perhaps going as Sherlock Holmes for Baker Street. This is a great idea for creative groups who love a challenge. You could add even more interest by making an icebreaker game out of guessing which station everyone has come as.

Your Mum of Dad

This one is definitely not for the faint-hearted. It requires everyone to attend the party dressed in their mum or dad’s clothes! This should certainly add a lot of humour to any occasion and is an especially fun theme for stag and hen parties.

Totally Tasteless

 Usually, when you go to a party you want to look your best. But this theme turns tradition on its head since the idea is to find the absolute worst outfit possible. There are several ways to go with this one. Either allow your guest’s free reign to select their own ideas or set restrictions. For example, you could limit budget, say that everyone has to wear something that doesn’t fit properly, or that everything has to be bought in a charity shop.

Around The World

 This is a fun theme and works well for groups of all sizes. It’s an especially effective theme to adopt for parties to celebrate worldwide sporting events such as the Olympics. It can also work for other international occasions such as the Eurovision Song Contest. Guests can either choose a country of their choice and represent it in any way that they see fit, or be assigned a country to recreate in fancy dress form.

They could choose to go for a stereotypical image (the Australian with dangling corks from their hat, for example), or something more subtle (a dress made from an IKEA shopping bag to represent Sweden). Whatever it is, you’re all sure to have a lot of fun. This theme lends itself well to an entire international themed event with food from around the world, and entertainment based on different countries.

Garden Theme

 This is a perfect party idea for summer barbecue fancy dress parties. Every guest must dress as something related to the garden. Whether that be an insect, a flower, a gardener or even a hotdog in a bun right off the barbecue!

Whichever of these creative themes you decide to choose, you can be sure that your fancy dress party will be a cut above the rest. Your guests are sure to appreciate the chance to show off their inventive side.