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Kid’s Party Entertainment Ideas

Every party needs it. But it can considerably bump up how much you spend on your child’s birthday party.

Well-heeled celebrity parents can spend thousands on it and there comes a time, when every child knows that their Dad’s best magic trick no longer cuts it.

Frankly, every party needs entertainment and dad-dancing or mum-jokes are not going to get you far. You may decide to throw caution to the wind and host game after party game and game but sometimes, a party needs something more.

Yes, you’ve guessed it – your party needs a professional entertainer. But before you reach for the phone directory or hit the web, bear in mind some of these ideas of what is trendy and what is not…

Trends for kid’s party entertainment in 2016

#1 Art

Whether you consider yourself artistic or not, the word on the party planning circuit when it comes kid’s entertainment for the coming year is hiring in professional artists or taking your party to an art studio.

Sounds expensive – and it can be. Some high-end art studios charge upwards of £200 plus. Studios offer a range of activities and a fixed time too although most don’t offer catering facilities so if you want the social aspect of food, then you will have to move on to venue number two after they have created their masterpieces.

The twist on this trend for the coming year is not to plump for the same-old, same-old and the larger, run-of-the-mill venues but seek out smaller, independent art studios. These places offer great deals with a really great end product.

#2 Exotic animals

This may not be your cup of tea entertaining jars of tarantulas and lizards in your home for an hour or two but frankly, kids love all this creepy-crawly stuff.

There are many venues around the country, including some charities that offer sessions that encourage children (and adults) to meet all kinds of exotic animals and insects. Some also use birds of prey and other delightful feathered creatures; owls are a common bird used.

Your guests can meet and greet these creatures. The wow factor is simple fantastic but as you can imagine, depending on travel costs and so on, the price tag can be hefty.

#3 Magic… but not as you know it

The likes of Derren Brown and Dynamo have revolutionised the way we ‘see’ magic and so the kid’s magician from down the road with his bunnies in his top hat and silk scarves up his sleeve might sadly be lacking for work.

There is a new breed of magician and they tend to call themselves illusionists – because that is exactly what they do. They create illusions before your very eyes.

Again, expect to pay a fair bit but there it is a price worth paying when you have a room full of party guests completely agog and mystified at how a trick is done.

#4 Show time!

Sometimes, opted for something that is long forgotten and seen as a little old-hat can be the perfect way of reviving it – and this is why buying in a small drama group to put on a show is a great way of entertaining kids.

This can work in your own home (they’ll need space) or in a venue, and can cost a few hundred pounds for half an hour or so of entertainment. Expect plenty of audience participation.

#5 Outsourcing party hosts

Being a party host is not something we are all cut out to be. In takes the patience of a saint, as well as the ability to discipline without disciplining – see, we said it wasn’t easy!

Sometimes, leaving the hosting to professionals can be the way forward and these professional party hosts can come as a favourite character. Usually, the main character is accompanied by all kinds of helpers and this can make for a magical experience from beginning to end.

They should turn up in character and depart in character; no changing in the bathroom from Princess Leia back to plain-old Sarah in front of the kids. Expect to pay a fair bit and it is true to say, that the more you pay, the better service, people, costumes and props you will get.

What is NOT hot in 2016:

There are a few no-no’s when it comes to kid’s party entrainment ideas:

  • Dressing up yourself
  • Boring ‘normal’ magic
  • DIY face painting

Stuck for inspiration? Why not see if these celebrity children birthday parties give you any ideas…