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Kid’s party food – how to make enough

For some people, the thought of catering for a large number of people, whether small guests or big adults, is dreadful!

It can introduce a state of almost paranoia whereby stress takes over and once rational adults develop into people who worry they ‘won’t have enough’, or they have catered for vegetarian, vegans, religious and cultural tastes, picky eaters… and the list could go on and on.

The essence of any great party lies in preparation, from a few days before the party till the moment the guests leave with their filled party bags; as a result, finding an excellent online company that specialises in children’s party supplies is essential, but the party budget is not bottomless…

Invariable what happens is that you and your family, after all the needless worrying are left eating party food for days on end! Throwing a party on a budget also means you need to keep an eye on the purse too and simply buying a load only to have it wasted, is not the best use f your cash,

So, how do you make sure you have enough food at a kid’s party (but not have loads left over)?

Three steps to planning the perfect kid’s party, with great food

Step 1: Plan and organise the event

This step is the obvious place to start as the theme you choose, the number you choose to invite and the age of your guests will all influence what food you serve up at the party.

This stage is also great for getting any feedback or ‘need to know’ instructions from parents as regards to any issues that you need to be aware of; this way you can cater for intolerance, allergies as well as food sensitive issues, from vegetarians to vegans, as well as other cultural issues. This way you have a range of food for your young guests to choose from.

Having a theme can also help to decide the menu. A rule of thumb is to keep it simple and opt for food that can be prepared as far in advance of the party as possible.

Need to know at this stage:

  • How many are attending?
  • The age of the guests
  • Any special dietary requirements
  • Any adult guests you may also want to feed with nibbles and party food
  • Make a shopping list and stick to it!

Step 2: Plan the menu

Many people often over-cater for an event, believing it is better to have too much than too little but what can be common with children’s parties in particular is not that the food runs out, but the drink does.

Children running around, getting hot and excited tend to drink more than they eat, so having a range of drinks, from juice to cartons can be a great help.

If you have a theme to your party, then this can help decide some of the menu for you. But, it is true to say that bite sized pieces of food work best in any given party situation. Cut sandwiches small and vary the fillings; ring the changes with filled tortillas (these are a firm favourite with older children).

Depending on the time of year, you may want to serve hot food, but again keep this simple and prepare as much in advance as possible.

Need to know at this stage:

  • Four small sandwiches per child tends to be enough, although some will eat more and some will eat less
  • Crisps also go down well, but keep an eye on ingredients for those gluten free, or vegetarians/vegans in the group
  • Hot food can work, such as small slices of pizza or opt for the readymade buffet food that can be bought from many supermarkets; 2 large, 10” pizzas cut into strips will be more than enough for 10 to 15 children
  • Don’t forget sweet stuff, but you will find that this tends to be consumed quicker than the sandwiches…
  • Drinks tend to be in short supply so it is worth having an emergency stash of drinks!

Step 3: Keep an emergency stash!

However, the last minute nerves of ‘there isn’t enough!’ can be avoided by having an emergency stash for the ‘just in case moments’. However, you will probably find that the excitements of celebrating with friends will be just too much and the appetite for eating lots and lots of food will disappear.

Children tend to graze at parties, looking for all the sweet things that they can gorge on – not something the majority of children are allowed to do! Plan and prepare your event and you will not run out of food – guaranteed!