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Three colourful balloons

Kid’s Party Themes that Will Never Go Out of Style

It can be tough, year on year creating a birthday bash that the birthday boy or girl will love and that their friends will enjoy too.

Sometimes it can feel like a competition, with every birthday party theme trying to outdo the next one but sometimes, what work best are the old favourites. With a slight change and a modern twist or two, the old favourites can come up trumps time and time again.

Why not try these 10 great party theme ideas?

#1 Superhero Party

Who doesn’t love a superhero? Full of amazing powers and the ability to help everyone when all else is falling around them, a superhero can be animal, bird or human and that is why, as far as kid’s party themes go, this is still one of the favourites. Base it on a film character or create your own.

#2 Colours

Every child has a favourite colour and this is a great theme for younger children.

Choose one colour, and ask that everyone comes dressed in that colour – a t-shirt will do! – and deck out the party venue full of their favourite colour too, from balloons to plates, to cups and more.

There are plenty of games that you can play too, that have a colour theme to them. Bearing colour in mind, a rainbow-coloured party is also a fabulous idea and provides all kinds of way in which the venue can be decorated and so on.

#3 Sea Scape

The sea provides all kinds of ideas for parties from marauding pirates to pretty mermaids, to monsters of the deep. There are all kinds of themes for all ages when it comes to sea scape parties.

Find treasure on an island, dodging salt-water crocs on your way or spend party time creating pirate hats ready for sailing the high seas.

This is an adaptable and versatile theme and is equally as good for small children as it is for older ones. As well as creating your own sea scape party theme, you can also borrow from the films, creating a ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ theme for example.

#4 Adventure

There is something deliciously dangerous about adventure – more so when it is a controlled environment and the supposed dangers are only imaginary ones.

An adventure theme is something that kid’s never tire of, simple because it offers them so much scope to get on and do what they want. Much like sea scape party theme, you can create your own to suit your own intrepid adventurer and his or her guests.

Have ‘swamps’ in the garden, treasure to find, puzzles to solve and of course, there is always the clock to beat too.

#5 Fairground attractions

The fairground is a delight to many people but before you assume this means hiring the waltzers for the afternoon, take another look. Remember those games that you can play for 10p or so? Re-create your own version for your party;

  • Hook a duck or duck races
  • Coconut shy is easy to do – sit coconuts on empty tin cans on a table and use tennis balls from around 6 feet away to try and dis-lodge
  • Have a candy floss stand – easy to make, candy floss is a great way to add a sweet treat to your party
  • Hoops on pegs – create a game where your party guests have to throw hoops on pegs or over mini-cones
  • Apple bobbin’

#6 Tea party

A genteel way to spend an afternoon in the company of friends, the tea party or afternoon tea of yesteryear was the way in which people socialised and ‘partied’. Have a party in the woods, complete with picnic and plenty of lovely things to eat.

Have plenty of outside games to play but as per the British weather, have an inside venue on hand just in case the weather turns cloudy or rainy.

#7 On the ranch!

A great spin on the farmyard theme, a ranch party can be full of cowboys, cowgirls and your favourite ranch animal. Perfect for animal and horse lovers, you can either create your own ranch party at home or you can hire party space at many local, farm attractions that are dotted all around the UK.

As well as being with animals, you can also have party food catered for, leaving you free to enjoy the party too – not something busy, harassed party parents get to do. Party themes are all about what you make it, creating memories for your child – what will you next party theme be?