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‘King Arthur: Legend of the Sword ‘Movie Premier – Party Theme Perfection

Directed and produced by acclaimed film maker Guy Ritchie, this take on King Arthur is sure to be a talking point with adults and children alike.

A strong storyline, Arthur is brought up in the hard, dark alleys of the city after his uncle Vortigern, played by Jude law, murders his father when he was a boy.

Once Arthur, however, pulls the sword from the stone, he has little choice but to acknowledge his true legacy, whether he wants to or not.

Full of swashbuckling action and amazing scenery, King Arthur: Legend of the Sword is a gift when it comes to deciding on a kid’s party theme this year.

Creating Your Own King Arthur Party Theme

     I.        The Setting

Think of your party venue as a theme set. Directors need to have a backdrop against which the action of their film can play out and your party also needs this backdrop to set the scene.

King Arthur is the stuff of legends. Mountains were toweringly tall, the landscape magnified and vast – and that means you can create the stuff of legends for your child’s party.

And you don’t need to hold back. Guy Ritchie has always been known for bringing his own unique take on what are already established stories and characters. Take a look at his version of Sherlock Holmes and you will see what we mean.

In the King Arthur movie, Ritchie initially said that it was going to be a movie more sombre in tone and yet somehow, that went out of the window. Say hello to giant monster elephants and even more imaginative ideas for your kid’s party.

Think big – think big castles, think larger than life animals, think magic and mystery.

How to achieve it – create a backdrop with customised printed wallpaper of barren landscapes of Wales and introduce some swashbuckling action with giant animals and clothing fit from princes and princesses, knights and queens.

And don’t forget the birthday boy or girl needs to be the one with the sword and the crown.

    II.        The Invites

Of course, for guests to attend your party, you want the invites to reach them in good time. And you want them to set the tone for your King Arthur themed party too.

Your King Arthur or Queen Guinevere will have knights that surround him or her as assistants. As well as brave knights, you also need equally brave princesses so make sure you give your guests as many options as possible for them to come dressed for your themed party.

   III.        The Food

A medieval feast might be a bit difficult to produce as food could be pretty bland in those days and unappetising to today’s youngsters but there are other means of creating a fantastic feast.

Medieval feasts were laid out on large tables with tankards for drinking cups and ornate plates as food platters. Decorate platters of sandwiches with bunches of lush grapes and have small cakes and sweet treats that are passed around King Arthur’s tables for his knights, princes and princesses to enjoy.

  IV.        Enjoy the Film

Released in mid-May 2017, why not include a trip to the cinema to enjoy the film before retreating to the party venue?

Rated as a 12A, it means that it is suitable for age 12 years plus and supervised by an adult, making it the perfect fantasy film for older kids. There are great deals to be had on group tickets and with the film being 2 hours in length, it isn’t too long that your birthday boy or girl and guests will become bored.

    V.        The Cake

No party would be complete without a show stopping cake and there are plenty of possibilities for a king Arthur themed party.

Why not create your own cake ‘stone’ complete with plastic toy sword sticking out from it? As the guests sing Happy Birthday, the birthday boy or girl pulls the sword from the cake and proclaims him or herself as the regal one!

Or, ask a local bakery to create a 3D giant elephant cake that everyone is sure to love. With so many ideas it hard to know where to start and where to stop…

Why King Arthur Makes Such a Great Theme

Kid’s party themes need to be rich and full of detail, just like the party itself. King Arthur and the many legends connected to the story are mysterious and enigmatic, perfect for all ages to enjoy.

And of course, there is nothing to say that you cannot add your own twist on things.