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colourful hanging mason jars

Why Mason Jars are one of the Best Party Supplies

We’ve long known the versatility of the mason in the kitchen and around the home, but did you know it is also fantastic during party season?

How Can You Use Mason Jars As Party Supplies?

Available in a range of sizes, the humble mason jar with its rubber-sealed click lid has been around for a long time. So much so, that the latest addition to the range is a thick glass mug, complete with handle, lid and hard plastic straw.

Once sealed, everything is banished from the contents within. Keeping dry stuff free from moisture and keeping all kinds of bits and pieces together, it is no wonder we are all in love with the mason jar.

But its uses extend from beyond the kitchen to party season. A versatile piece of glassware, take a look at how this inexpensive piece of kit becomes a must-have party accessory.

1) Cutlery Holders

When it comes to party supplies, you need to make sure you have plenty of jars and boxes to hold the important stuff like cutlery at the BBQ or something to stop the serviettes from fluttering away in the breeze.

2) Pre-made individual dessert dishes

Party food needs to be quick and easy to devour and so it’s no surprise that the first item on our list is a veritable sweet treat.

From mousses to cheesecake, ice cream and more, individual mason jars filled with dessert are perfect for the smaller party or a BBQ in the garden.

3) Treat jars

Continuing with the food theme for a while longer, bowls of nibbles places around the party venue or your home when entertaining is a must.

For something a little bit different, the wide mouth but deep mason jar is perfect for accommodating all kinds of nibbles including nuts, chocolate drops and more.

4) Candleholders

Candles are perfect for a party at any time of years but finding a suitable holder can be problematic.

Most people are keen on placing the candle in a deep holder so accidentally fanning the flame with fingers, hair or clothing or less likely.

A mason jar is a thick enough glass to be a candle holder. Perfect!

5) Cocktail glasses

Relatively inexpensive, the next time you host a cocktail party and want to serve your signature cocktail with a twist, reach for the mason jar.

For less than a pound each, by different coloured mason jars or one with different coloured lids and straws so that guests can hang onto the same glass. Add a small charm to the handle to make it easier to identify who’s mason jar is whose.

6) Party jars

Sometimes, doing something different at a party is tough because we can’t think of anything creative or different.

This is certainly true when it comes to party bags. But frankly, we think these thick jars have it in the bag.

Use the non-handled variety and fill with all kinds of treats and gifts. We love the idea of;

  • Filling a mason jar with a click lid with the dry ingredients for a cake or for cooking making. Don’t forget to include the instructions along with instructions for any additional ingredients needed.
  • A beauty filled mason jar is perfect for anyone who takes care of their complexion. Use the travel pack sized products from the beauty aisle at the supermarket to fill the jar to bursting.
  • Bubble bath in a jar follows a similar theme but pack it with delicious soap and small bath bombs, a perfect gift for anyone who likes a soak in the bath.
  • Dinosaurs or farm animal toys are also great for stuffing into the mason jar – who wouldn’t love a jar for their dinosaurs to call home?

7) Party games

You know, the simplest ideas are sometimes the best…

Fill any sized mason jar with a range of sweets from jelly beans to coloured pebbles like Smarties and ask your party guests to guess the number of sweets in the jar (yes, you will have to count them!).

If you have adults milling about, ask them to make a small donation to a charity box every time they play. For kids, just make it that the closest person to guess wins the whole jar!