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6 Ideas for Memorable Party Favours for All Ages

Party bags can present parents with many issues, especially those stuffed full of sweets and other high-sugar snacks. The time has come to rescue kids party bags and we have some great ideas for memorable party favours.

How to Create Unique Party Favours

No one knows who, where or when the giving of a party bag started. It became a tradition simply because there is no child who doesn’t enjoy receiving a small gift or two. But, over the years, consumerism has left its mark on the party bag. Stuffed full of useless plastic toys and sugary snacks, the time has come to take back control of the humble party favour.

Some parents have stopped giving out party bags in protest but if you feel you still want to give your guests a little something as a thank you for celebrating your child’s birthday, then we have some great ideas.

Following the rules of keeping it simple and budget-friendly, why not give party favours such as…

1) Grow Your Own Sunflower

Such a thoughtful gift and perfect for children of all ages, a small, homemade grow your own kit is a fabulous idea.

Buy enough plastic pots for one per child – or, if your budget allows, choose ceramic or novelty pots – and place plenty of compost in a small plastic bag.

Include a seed of an easy to grow flower or vegetable, and include printed instructions on how to plant the seed and care for it.

2) Pre-Filled Party Cups

A small twist on the traditional party bag itself is to place a few items in a party cups and wrap in cellophane, complete with a pretty bow on top. Include a small notepad, a few pencils, a lollipop or some chocolate and handwritten thank you note for coming to the party.

3) Spa-in-a-Bag

Spa treatments are not just for adults you know! A great idea for childrens party bags for older guests is to include ‘spa treatment’ from face masks to pretty soaps and other kinds of skin-friendly cosmetics.

The travel section of a supermarket has all kinds of travel-sized cosmetics, from shampoo to conditioners, creams and so on and these make for a party bag with a difference.

4) Summer party bags

More and more of us are becoming increasingly aware of how much packaging we are exposed to and for many parents, the irritation of party favours is that they are full of plastic and other, non-recyclable materials. And so, we love the idea of the party bag itself being a useful and reusable bag.

A small cotton drawstring bag, similar to a small wash bag, makes a great party favour and include useful items such as a pair of sunglasses or other small items. Pop in a slice of wrapped birthday cake and a thank you note, and you have a brilliant party bag that everyone, including parents, will love.

4) Creative party bags

Sometimes, it would be nice to have a party bag that is both fun and useful. And we think we have hit the nail on the head with these party bags. Instead of sweets and toys, give your guests a party bags that contains a craft idea.

There are all kinds of ways you can do this from including a mask that they can cut out and colour, for example, and include other materials such as feathers and sparkles to decorate their mask.

There are inexpensive stampers that you can include too, and all kinds of crafting materials such as beads that can make for a party bag that encourages a child to be creative too!

6) Reading Hamper

Encouraging children to read is an important part of their development, helping them to understand the world around them and to develop their imagination. Party bag books can be picked up for a few pounds from high street and online retailers and make a great addition to a party bag.

For older children, why not include a sachet of hot chocolate and alongside their thank you note, encourage them to read the book enjoying their hot chocolate and slice of birthday cake?

No-stress party bags!

Organising a party is a feat of planning and many parents worry about making sure everything is perfect, including party bags. But don’t worry because with our growing range of party bag fillers you can create party favours that are memorable, useful and under budget too!