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The Modern Party Bag – What Children Will Appreciate Now

Your party preparations are in full swing, you’ve hit the nail on the head when it comes to cake, your decorations are to die for, and your musical choices are sure to go down a treat. But then the dreaded question gets asked, what about the party bag? If you’re stuck for ideas of how to end the perfect party with the best party bag, we’ve got you covered with ideas that your children will love.

When it comes to modern party bag fillers, there are so many great options on the market. However, this doesn’t make it any easier to find unique little gifts that will finish your children’s party with as much excitement as it started. These days, children are a lot more difficult to please, with many of the traditional party bag fillers not quite as exciting as they once were.

So, where to start with creating a modern party bag that children will appreciate for more than just a couple of minutes? For a party bag that will really make a statement, follow our 6 stages to party bag success!

It’s All About the Theme

Before you jump into the deep end with party bag fillers, you need to decide what style of bag you’re going to use. Party bags are a great way to tie a theme together or bring a touch of your child’s favourite hobbies into a party that isn’t at home, without having to splash out on even more expensive decorations.

There are lots of directions you can take with your party bags, from buying pre-themed bags to encouraging your kids to get involved by letting their artistic side loose with DIY party bags. For a quick party bag with a homemade appeal, buying plain bags and sprucing them up with ribbons and name tags can be a great compromise.

Make Sure the Day Is One to Remember

To avoid the common pitfall of generic party bags and make yours truly unique, add something from the party into the bag. This can be crafts made during the party or a picture of your children and their friends. Snapping a few pictures early in the party and having simple small frames at hand, should provide plenty of time to kit your bags out with personalised pictures.

Get Creative with Puzzles and Games

Almost all children love to get stuck into a puzzle or game. You can make the gift more modern by including small building kits, like gliders, or themed toys. Many of the most popular children’s toys or TV characters have small collectable ranges that are inexpensive to buy and always exciting to receive. If you have younger children, it’s likely that you have already heard about the amazing ‘must have’ collectables on the market.

There’s Nothing that Chocolate Can’t Solve

Sweet treats are undoubtedly a winner when it comes to party bags. They’re an oldie but certainly a goodie. When children rummage through their party bags on the way home, chocolate or sweets are often the first things that are taken out of the bag. For a modern party bag, little cups or mugs filled with chocolate or sweets can make for an exciting addition. Themed cups that feature your child’s favourite shows or books can be used to match your party theme.

Designed by Children for Children

If there is anyone that knows what children will love, it’s other children. Give your party bags a personal touch by getting your children to make a gift to go inside. This could be a friendship bracelet, a personalised card, or even treats like cupcakes or homemade chocolate. Not only will the other children love the gift, but your child will be that much more excited when it comes to giving out the party bags at the end of the day.

End the Party with a Bang

No modern or traditional party bag would be truly complete without something that makes a lot of noise. Whistles and party poppers are a traditional favourite, but there lots of modern toys that you can choose from. Bouncy balloons, lollipop whistles, and mini-musical instruments are all popular inclusions.

Party bags are a fantastic end to a children’s party and shouldn’t be a daunting experience for parents. By following our 6 simple steps, with a bit of help from your kids, you will have no problem pulling off the perfect party bag!