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Moustaches – they’re not just for Movember!

Are we going to become known, for posterity, as ‘The Hairy Generation?  It’s thought that never have beards and moustaches been as popular as they are now throughout modern history.  No-one could fail to notice, surely, the proliferation of facial hair on men in the last couple of years?  In general it had become unfashionable, well since the two day old ‘designer stubble’ look on the likes of George Clooney (who could get away with any amount of facial hair, or none at all, as far as most of the female population is concerned…..) had faded away.

So why have they become popular?  And, more to the point, what do we all think about them?!

Lots of men, have, obviously, always sported a moustache or beard throughout their adult lives, fashionable or not.  It’s just part of their ‘ look’, or identity.  And sometimes they find themselves, like now, accidentally ‘on trend’.  Most of the time, however, their look is decidedly passé, but I’m guessing that not only do they not care, but that it may be an anti-fashion statement in its own right.  Kind of ‘I will wear a beard, whether the rest of the world cares or not’.

Some say the moustache and/or beard is an ironic fashion statement, amongst the very hip in certain parts of the world, Hoxton for instance https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Handlebar_moustache.  It’s subverting the Burt Reynolds (think Smokey and the Bandit) or Tom Selleck look (think Magnum, 1980’s), giving it an ironic twist.

But it isn’t just the very hip sporting handlebars these days, or Poirot style waxed moustaches, beards and ‘taches have become mainstream.  It’s definitely filtered down past the fashion editors and style gurus to, it appears, pretty much everyone, or everyman if you like.  And, according to some journalists https://www.telegraph.co.uk/men/fashion-and-style/10594888/Stop-bashing-beards-theyre-here-to-stay.html, they’re here to stay.  Beards can be seen as the ultimate sign of masculinity, and they have they have the added advantage of covering facial imperfections.  And beards are freeing from the daily grind of shaving and grooming and razor burn (though most require regular trimming and tidying to ensure you look more Brad Pitt than Stig of the Dump).

Moustaches and beards come in all shapes and sizes.  Be inspired by men throughout history, or create your own look, there’s no one style pre-dominating at the moment, unlike when the goatee was de rigeur a few years ago.  You may even, if you so wish, give your ‘tache or beard a name…..

The increasing popularity of ‘Movember’ has almost certainly been an influence on the growth of moustaches.  Movember started out in Melbourne, Australia in 2003, and has become a worldwide phenomenon, with 4 million men across the world now growing moustaches for the month of November in support of male cancer charities.  So, growing a moustache or beard can be a good thing, raising funds, as well as being a bit of fun too.

It isn’t all fun or irony, mind you.  Many men take the whole facial hair thing very seriously indeed.  The ‘World Beard and Moustache Championships’ https://www.worldbeardchampionships.com/ has been running since 1990, and now takes place every two years, this time in Portland Oregon.  There’s a number of categories to enter, so whether you sport a Daliesque delicate moustaches, or a ZZ Top style beard, grown over a number of years, there’s a place for you amongst the somewhat eccentric entrants displaying their facial hair on the website.

And it’s not just real moustaches and beards on real men that are popular.  It’s the moustaches we see everywhere on mugs, posters, t-shirts, even babies’ dummies!  Moustaches have become part of popular culture, whether we like it or not.  And there’s even partyware, too.   Athttps://www.partysupplies4you.co.uk/ we have a great range of fun ‘moustache’ themed party stuff from balloons, banners, napkins and even cookie cutters.  So, whether you are sporting a twirl crumb catcher fit for a Victorian villain, you are clean shaven, or female, a moustache themed party is not only bang on trend, but also a bit of fun too!

Let us know what you think of the current trend for beards and moustaches in the space below