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Alternative New Year’s Eve Party Suggestions

Perhaps you’re not a New Year’s Eve person, or perhaps you’re just looking for something a little different to the traditional drinking and partying? Here are some alternative suggestions for a great New Year’s Eve party.

Although we often feel under pressure to enjoy ourselves in the wildest way possible when New Year’s Eve comes around, many people don’t really enjoy that kind of partying. They would rather have a low key evening in with their family, but that doesn’t mean that they want to be boring and have an early night! After all, if you’re putting New Year decorations up, you might as well make the most of it! Some people are bored of participating in crazy New Year’s Eve parties, and just want something a little different this year. Having fun is still important, but in a more unusual way.

Here are some ideas that you might want to consider this New Year if you’re ready for a unique experience that will get the year off to a great start! So, get in some New Year party supplies and let’s get going!

Hosting A Dinner Party

For a more sophisticated way to see in the New Year, why not invite some friends around for a classy dinner party. Pull out all the stops and cook something delicious from scratch, or simply buy in some ready-prepared dishes from a good quality supermarket – either would work just as well. You could even ask your friends to bring a dish each to share to save yourself time and effort. You’re sure to enjoy the difference of having an intelligent conversation instead of shouting loudly over music in the pub! Don’t forget to decorate, though! Make sure you stock up on plenty of fun new years party supplies and decorations!

A Games Night

Whether you’re spending the evening with adults or children, hosting a games night is a great way to end the year. If you’re seeing in the New Year with the kids, you can play all kinds of favourites such as:-

  • Snakes & Ladders
  • Scrabble
  • Ludo

Whereas if you’re playing with older members of the family or your mates you can always indulge in some more adult games like:-

  • Cards Against Humanity
  • Drinking games
  • Monopoly (Be careful though- or you could start the year with an argument!)

Open Your Home Cinema

Turn your front room into a cinema for the night. Turn off the lights, close the curtains and choose a favourite film to watch as you munch on popcorn and sweets. All the fun of being at the movies in the comfort of your own home. Why not choose a new year themed movie for even more of the right party atmosphere?

New Year’s Bake Off

With the enormous popularity of the Bake Off, you could take the opportunity to host your own this New Year. Rather than New Year party supplies you can get cooking supplies instead and spend the night baking delicious treats to eat on New Year’s Day, or, alternatively, simply ask every guest to bring their best cake. You can all vote for the best and, of course, eat copious amounts of delicious treats!

Have A Sleepover

Whether you’re 16 or 60, you’re never too old for an old-school sleepover! Perfect for singles celebrating the New Year on their own, you can invite a few friends around for a fun night of makeovers, eating sweets, watching movies and gossiping, probably with a couple of bottles of Prosecco. What better way to end the year?

A Romantic Night In

If you’re seeing in the New Year with just your loved one, why feel pressured to go out when you can have just as much fun together at home? Get in your New Year party supplies, drinks and your favourite foods and spend the evening in the way you prefer – just the two of you. Have a romantic meal, take a bath together, watch a favourite movie, or just spend the evening in bed – it’s entirely up to you.

Host A Murder Mystery

Murder and New Year may not be the obvious combination, but it makes for a fantastic night of fun for all your guests. You can buy ready-made murder mystery kits which contain everything you need to host the party, including ideas for food and drinks, costume suggestions and all of the evidence that the sleuths need to identify the murderer and their motive. Each guest will be assigned their own suspect and they can come dressed up and in character – the perfect idea for extroverts and actors!

With these alternative New Year’s Eve party ideas, you’re sure to get next year off to a unique start!