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Not long to go now….throwing a baby shower

 A baby shower is a lovely event to plan for a friend or relative.  They usually take place towards the end of the pregnancy – it’s nice if the mum-to-be has a bump to be proud of.  But not so near the end that you risk mum and baby missing the event because baby has arrived…  Although that’s not disastrous – a baby shower can quickly be turned into a ‘welcome to the world’ party!

Planning a shower needs a few things to be taken into consideration.  Check who the mum-to-be would like as guests, and check with the most important of those guests if they can make the proposed date before you send out invitations – potential grandparents for example – very few grandmothers-to-be would want to miss their daughter or daughter in-law’s baby shower!

Where will it take place?  Often a friend or family member will offer to host.   It takes the pressure off the mum-to-be to have it at her home.  There will be plenty of cleaning and tidying to do, both pre and post party, and tiredness is a big factor in late pregnancy.  The guest list may help determine your venue – if your mum-to-be has a guest list running into three figures (unlikely I know…) a friend’s place may not be the most practical venue!  Afternoon tea at a local hotel is a nice alternative, maybe brunch in a restaurant, or you could book a local hall.

Send invitations out a few weeks beforehand, to give invitees time to plan.  The whole issue of gifts can be a little sensitive.  The mum-to-be may have registered with a store, a little like a wedding list, or may have a list of baby goodies she would like, and if so, you may like to include details in your original invitation, or wait for people to RSVP (don’t forget to ask guests to RSVP!).  As with a wedding list it’s good to have a range of gifts to choose from – with a range of prices too.  You may find, for example, work colleagues, club together and offer to buy one of the larger items on your list such as a cot.  Or make a contribution towards, say, your travel system.

Would you like a theme?  We have a number of ideas to offer you –https://www.partybagsandsupplies.co.uk/baby-shower-and-1st-birthday-party/baby-shower.  You may or may not know the sex of the baby.  If you don’t, we have a lovely ‘Modern Mum’ theme which includes invitations, thank you’s, decorations, disposable tableware and a party game, to make things as easy for you as possible.

Catering for your shower.  If the shower is taking place in someone’s home simple finger food is ideal –cupcakes, sandwiches, a celebratory cake, and drinks – both alcoholic and non-alcoholic.

Party games are great fun at a shower – not least as ice-breakers.  There’s loads of silly things you can choose to do – guess the size of the bump (tape measure required to confirm the winner!), ask guests to bring baby photos of themselves and everyone tries to guess who’s who, the ideas are pretty much endless.

It’s traditional to give out goodie bags at the end of the shower – fill them with choccies, a notebook and pen, maybe a small toiletry item – hand cream or bath bombs.

However you choose to celebrate, have a fabulous time, and good luck to the mum-to-be!

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