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Oktoberfest Party Ideas for Adults

Oktoberfest is by far the biggest festival in the world and it provides the perfect backdrop for a party this autumn.

What is Oktoberfest?

It started in 1810, as a wedding celebration and was usually held there on after every October. Today, however, the modern Oktoberfest is held in September.

Why celebrate it?

Autumn is a fabulous time of year. Full of golden colours, it is a time of year that the Oktoberfest festival celebrates, as well as love stories.

An important part of any of the festivals held in different regions of Germany over the course of 16 days include beer. There is plenty of good natured revelry and entertainment, as well as couples expressing their undying love for one another with the exchange of delicious gingerbread with a love message inscribed in icing.

If you think this jolly festival sounds like something you would like to celebrate, you are not alone. So, invite your friends and celebrate Oktoberfest this autumn (but it doesn’t have to last 16 days!)

How to celebrate Oktoberfest

There are many Oktoberfest party ideas some of which we highlight below…

  • Decorations

Every Oktoberfest party must be decorated. The traditional colours of this autumn festival are blue and white. You can buy blue and white bunting along with other items such as garlands, or you can make your own with white and blue gummed paper.

The create new is, however, is that the whole idea behind Oktoberfest is to be as rustic as possible. This is not a festival where the decoration and interior design need to be of a professional standard. It is a relaxed festival, one that is kept simple and more than a little -tongue-in-cheek.

So, if your decorations are a little on the ‘rustic’ or ‘amateur’ side don’t worry about it – just make sure everything is blue and white.

  • Dress up

To be get in the Oktoberfest spirit, you and your party guests should dress up.

There are all kinds of fancy dress options, from lederhosen to dirndl dress. Not everyone wants to spend the evening dressed up, however, so for more low-key dress up option just add a few quirky additions to your normal wear.

This could be anything from a funny hat to a t-shirt. Again, just to re-emphasise, the idea behind the Oktoberfest festival is good-natured fun and frivolity, so a little ingenuity is no bad thing.

  • Bring out the beer

Whether you choose to have German or Bavarian beer, or stick with a non-alcoholic alternative, you need to serve your drinks in the traditional glass steins, as they do in Oktoberfest in Germany.

They are expensive to buy, especially one per guest so as an alternative, why not source some plastic steins online for your Oktoberfest party?

  • Pretzels

A previous president of the United States is thought to have nearly chocked on a pretzel not far from the end of his tenure but hopefully, there will be nothing as dramatic at your Oktoberfest party.

The salted pretzels traditionally served at Oktoberfest tend to be the larger ones and soaked in beer! Many good high street bakers will sell pretzels (possibly minus the beer) and may have they in specifically in the autumn months for any Oktoberfest celebrations.

To capture the German look, serve them on a blue and white napkin.

  • Capture the laughter, the fun and the love with a photo booth

Like any party, you want to capture the fun and frolics which is exactly what Oktoberfest is all about!

Of all the Oktoberfest party ideas, the one we love the most is a photo booth. Have dressing up things by the booth and get your guests to take a memento photograph of the great time that they had. There are many companies that hire out these booths, producing so many prints per session or there are also option to have booths were guests pay a few pounds for any photos that they print.

  • Gingerbread

The festival started with the marriage of the Bavarian Crown Prince Ludwig to Princess Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen. They invited all the citizens of Bavaria to join in and since then, Oktoberfest has grown to include games, rides, music and eventually beer (the original festival didn’t include beer!).

Bake heart shaped gingerbread biscuits with love message piped on in icing and if you can, include a ribbon so that the recipient can wear it with pride.

Oktoberfest – pure enjoyment and delight!

If you are looking for an excuse to gather friends together this autumn and have a great time, the Oktoberfest party is the perfect option.