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10 Things to do When Organising a Surprise Party

There’s so much to do when organising a surprise party – arranging a venue, putting together party bags, inviting the guests and, of course, getting the guest of honour there in time! So, here’s a useful checklist to keep to hand so you can make sure everything goes to plan.

When arranging a surprise party, the key to having a great time is getting the planning right. Co-ordinating everything can be a challenge, but with our checklist, you’ll have the best chance of hosting a smooth-running event.

1- Keep it a Surprise

Without the surprise, your surprise party isn’t going to have the impact that you’d hoped for. Make sure that you give the guests a start time which is earlier than the event is supposed to begin so that everyone will be there before the guest of honour arrives.

2- Hide the Evidence

Ensure that there aren’t any clues lying around! Make sure that any emails are sent from a secret account so that the guest of honour won’t see them. Keep any party bags and decorations hidden and don’t let anybody drops any giveaway hints. Remember that children may find it hard to keep a secret, so you might want to avoid telling them until just before the event so that they don’t spoil the surprise.

3- Setting a Dress Code

 Remember that the guest of honour doesn’t know about the party, so they may not be dressed for the occasion. You won’t want them to feel uncomfortable so make sure that all the guests are dressed normally to avoid any awkwardness. For example, arranging a fancy-dress party when the surprisee is wearing their ordinary clothes could be an embarrassing disaster. If it is fancy dress, organise for someone to bring one for the guest of honour to change into!

4- Record the Occasion

 You’ll want your guest to remember the special occasion. Make sure that you commemorate the event by taking lots of videos and photos! By handing out disposable cameras to the guests, you will have a great record of the day from many angles

5- Invite the Right Guests

 Remember that the people you should be inviting are people who your guest actually likes. It might be easier to keep it intimate as then you can stay in control of the situation and all of the guests will be special.

6- Don’t Forget Their Birthday

 Keeping a party hidden is fine, but don’t concentrate so hard on hiding the party that you forget to celebrate the actual birthday. You don’t want to hurt and disappoint your loved one, and if they’re really upset they may not enjoy their party after all.

7- Find the Right Venue

 Decide well in advance where the event will be held so that you have enough time to arrange everything. You need plenty of time to work out how you’ll get the guest to the venue, don’t leave it too late!

8- Rally the Troops

It makes sense to draft in some help when arranging a surprise party since it’s a virtually impossible task alone. Call everyone that you think will be prepared to help you and tell them about your plans and ideas. Assign them specific tasks so you can delegate everything that needs to be done for reduced stress.

9- Planning the Diversion

 Getting the guest of honour out of the way so you can get everything in place for the event to start is essential. Remember to work out in advance where they will be beforehand. Will you pretend to be taking them out for another reason? Will everyone will be in the house waiting when they return from a day out?

10- Making it Memorable

Make the occasion memorable for both the guest of honour and the invitees by creating some special mementoes. Party bags are one way of giving everyone something to take home with them to remind them of the event. Creating a photo book of the occasion which can be uploaded to the internet and downloaded is another great way for the guests to remember the day.

Planning a surprise party may not be the easiest thing in the world, but it’s certainly a rewarding experience. It pays off when you see the joy on the guest of honour’s face as they realise that all of their loved ones are there. Follow these 10 helpful tips and they’re sure to enjoy a memorable occasion to remember.