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Children playing outdoors

Outdoor party games that your kids will love

The great outdoors make the perfect playground in so many ways and, the garden or park is a great place to take the party to! But sometimes we need games and activities that are more suited to the outdoors but can often be at a loss to introduce something different.

So with everything ordered from Party Bags and Supplies, why not take a moment or two to create everything you need for fabulous outdoor games…?

·       Popcorn drop

This is a great game that works well with any age. Have two teams lined up ready for action but don’t forget the main props – the popcorn carriers!

Get two plastic cups and poke holes in the base that a piece of string can pass through. This string needs to be long enough to secure the popcorn carrier over the shoe of a party guest. With the popcorn carrier on top of the foot, it needs to be loaded with popcorn.

The guest then shuffles off, trying not to spill any popcorn on the way. Running back, the popcorn carrier needs to be removed from this guest, and tying to the foot of another team member.

This debacle, with plenty of laughs and spills, goes on until the popcorn has all been transferred from one receptacle to another. The winners can be the team that got the most in; spice it up by adding a deadline, such as 3 minutes.

·       Good ole’ traditional sack race

Many party suppliers have sacks perfect for taking part in a sack race. Once the mainstay of many a school sports day, the sack race can be modernised with an ‘obstacle race’ twist. There are so many things that you can do with a sack race that it is one of those games that can be kept up your sleeve, until you feel the need to burn off some excess energy from your guests.

·       Tag or tip – with a clothes peg

Using a really inexpensive every day object – a peg – find or buy a load of craft material, from small wobbling eyes to different coloured felts. Every guest needs to make a peg that represents them. These character pegs will then be attached to the back of the payer – top left should is great – and the idea is to run around an allotted space, as fast as possible, protecting your own clothes peg from being snatched by opposing guests.

If the peg is snatched, the player carries on as the person with the most clothes pegs wins! You can also separate a larger group in to teams, if you think you have too many guests and it will be a free for all…

·       Water search

If it is a summer’s day when you have your child’s party, and you are happy to introduce water to the back yard, fill an inflatable paddling pool with water and have objects that sink, as well as objects that float.

Have a few guests wade in at a time and get as any of the sunken objects as possible. Clearly, guests will need to be forewarned to bring costumes, you will need to provide towels and keep an eye out for those guests who really will not want to put their faces under water. These guys can be score keepers and general cheer leaders!

·       Rocket toss

Again, your recycling and crafting skills will come in handy here. Save your tin from the recycling for a week or two and, once clean, use all kinds of colourful tape or paint to create colourful cans.

Preferably using cans that are all the same size, stack these cans into a pyramid style structure and, with balloons filled with rice, give each party guest three attempts to knock the pyramid and cans down with the rice ‘rockets’.

·       Put door checker board

No need to spend hundreds of pounds of outdoor chess sets when you can make the board yourself. Using relatively inexpensive carpet tiles or similar from DIY stores – or create your won out of cardboard – create a checkboard on the patio, the decking or on the lawn.

Frisbee discs make great counters so why not teach your guests how to play outdoor draughts? Reduce the squares and you have the outdoor grid for ‘noughts and crosses’… or orange Frisbee verses the blue Frisbees (or whatever colour you bought!)

Outdoor games

With imagination and supervision, outdoor games can be a great way of children having fun at a party but, using everyday objects instead of buying expensive props. Have fun!