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Party bags ideas for boys!

You have a long list of what needs to be done and ready in time for the party for your birthday boy to go with a swing. You have all the boy’s birthday supplies that you need, time is ticking away and then you realise there is one thing you have forgotten: party bags for your guests.

But, with only a small amount of pre-planning and not a huge slice of your party budget, you can create great party bags for boys.

Here we have collated some of the best ideas:

·        Dinosaurs

There is something simply stunning and mysterious about dinosaurs. Creatures that are long gone but powerful none the less, both boys and girls love dinosaurs.

They also match lots of themes too. For example, if your party has an outdoor, adventure theme, what is more adventurous than dodging dinosaurs? Choose themes bags and include a variety of bits and bobs that match.

Don’t forget that colour is a great way of matching to a theme too, so choosing green coloured items, such as stationery is also a way of bulking out the contents of the party bag.

·        Swashbuckling pirates

The high seas have long held an allure for many a birthday boy and the fables surrounding pirates have been reignited in recent years with such films as Pirates of the Caribbean.

Pirates and the high seas makes a good party theme and will make party bags for your guests a breeze. Instead of a bag, you could ring the changes with a treasure chest box, perfect for your guests to discover the hidden treasure inside.

Pirates were always after gold and treasures and this is perfect for inclusion in your party boxes. Gold chocolate coins can be the sweet treats. You could include some great little toys as well as some novelty gifts like eye patches!

·        Favourite Cartoon Characters

There are all kinds of characters that can be used as a party theme and thus, you can use these are part of your party bags too.

There are all kinds of characters that boys enjoy from Ninja Turtles to Angry Birds, Toy Story and more. Start with choosing character festooned party bags and then include a few other character items such as branded stationery, whistles and other small toys.

Bulk out the contents with a few sweets and that all-important slice of birthday cake, and you have party bag perfection.

·        Tombola mix

Remember those yesterdays’ when the fair came to town? This is a great theme for a party but also adds something different to the whole idea of creating party bags.

You can have the basic party bag ready and pre-packed but, as each guest leaves they have a rummage around in a box full of sawdust and pick out their own party bag gift!

You can include all kinds of gifts but probably best to have the gifts either in sealed packs, or wrapped up ready in wrapping paper and so on.

Again, it can follow a theme or it can be completely random. All you need to do is make sure that you have at least one party gift per guest, plenty of saw dust and a suitable container. Adds an air of fun and even more excitement to an already busy and exciting party!

·        Football and sports

Many boys enjoy football, both supporting their favourite team as well as playing the sport. As a result, many birthday parties revolve around sport or football as a theme. Again, this perfect for constructing party bags.

From including a referee whistle to mini-footballs, there are all kinds of items that can be included in your party bags.

The biggest party bag theme for 2016…?

Star Wars. With the release of the film earmarked for 18th December worldwide, there is a prediction that it will be the film of 2016. Heavily marketed, there is no doubt that many a birthday boy and girl will love the film so much that having a theme party will be a must.

Party bags, of course, is the closing signal of a party and thus, it is the way that many children remember a party for a long time afterwards. The merchandise for the film is wide and varied thus, theme bags and boxes, along with all kinds of items are available to purchase and include in the party bags.

Party bags don’t need to bust the budget!

The tradition of party bags is thought to be a modified version of favours that were given to party guests as a way of saying thank you for their gifts and so on.

Party bags don’t need to be an expensive part of a party, with bags being a token or a gesture rather than buying someone a gift. What will you include in yours?