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Party bags ideas for girls!

Birthday parties, Hallowe’en, Christmas and so on, are all times of the year that we want to celebrate. Partying with friends is a great way to mark a birthday and this is certainly true for boys and girls of all ages.

Birthday parties are a great way of children learning to socialise and enjoying excitement too. There are many aspects of a birthday party that are exciting and certainly for the guests, receiving a party bag is one of them.

But, in creating girls’ party bags, what should you include? And how can you make your bags fit with the party theme?

Dilemma #1 – to have party bags or not?

The history and invention of party bags is rather hazy. It seems that it is a modern-day take on an old custom of giving guests gifts or favours when they attended an event.

In some ways, it is a delightful tradition that many of us will have grown up with and thus, we continue with our own children. There are some people, however, who feel that the giving of party bags or favours is now too commercialised and thus, is a practice that has lost all finesse.

The decision whether to give out party bags or not is your entirely but we think they make a lovely parting gesture and, with some really nice contents, they can be simply delightful.

Dilemma #2 – Boys? Girls? Unisex?

There is an increase awareness these days of not being too labelling when it comes to gender. This has been the case for some time with gender specific toys. In other words, understanding that not all little girls want to be princesses and boys want to be cowboys. Sometimes these roles are reversed and sometimes not.

We think that the best way of creating party bags is to follow the party theme – but who sets the party theme? You’ve guessed it – your birthday boy or girl. So, if your little girl was a princess party then that is what they shall have!

Party bags ideas perfect for girls

We have a range of party bags ideas that are generic, but that can also follow a theme. Popular party bag themes include:

  • Princess, royalty and sparkles

For little girls that enjoy dressing up and indulge in make believe, the princess theme is fabulous. In your party bags, as well as customary sweet treats, you could also include a tiara, sparkling rings, pretty pencils and other stationery sets.

  • Favourite character

There are also many characters that little girls watch on the small and big screen of the cinema and thus, they may enjoy a party based around this favourite character.

This, of course, makes party bags really simple and easy to construct. Choose a party bag that is festooned with their favourite character and then include some bits and bobs that correspond with the theme. There are kinds of things to choose from including branded stationery sets to bubble making kits and more.

  • Favourite animal

It may be that your party as such does not have a theme. This in itself is not an issue as you now have cart blanche to create bespoke party bags.

A common theme for party bags is animals. What little girl doesn’t love cute puppies or galloping horses? Choose a favourite animal and build your party bags around this theme. Clearly, you won’t be including an actual puppy or a horse but, you can include smaller scale, plastic type items as part of your parting gift to guests.

Again, this a theme that offers all kinds of possibilities from really cute cartoon animal characters to ‘real life’ ones too.

  • Pre-packed party bags

Planning and hosting a party for small guests is time consuming. It is also a busy time, with all kinds of things needing to be done, from buying the cake, to writing and distributing the invites and so on.

As busy parents, there are many things that you can do to cut down on the time spent on certain tasks and one is to opt for pre-filled party bags.

We have a great selection of pre-filled party bags, to suit all ages and all budgets. You can order your party bags and then on the day, simply add a wrapped piece of birthday cake along with some extra treats, if you so wish.

The party bag is a welcome surprise of small gifts and items that every child loves to receive. They are a way of saying thank you for your company and bidding farewell to your party guests. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t love surprises?