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pile of plates after a party

Ultimate Party Clean Up Tips

Whatever kind of party you’ve been hosting- be it for an adult, child or a teen, you’re going to have to face the clean-up operation at some point. The good news is that it isn’t too difficult to clean up after a party as long as you’re prepared and organised.

Make Cleaning Up Easy

Arranging a party is pretty hard work in the first place. From drawing up the guest list and sending out invitations to getting together all of the party bags, and preparing the food, there’s nothing easy about being a host. Whether the party is for yourself, another adult, or one of your kids. Even after the party’s over, your work still isn’t done. The job of cleaning up all that food and those party supplies will all come down to you. When everyone’s gone home and you’re left looking at a pile of paper plates, half eaten sandwiches, streamers, confetti, burst balloons and bits of wrapping paper all over your floor, nobody would blame you for feeling stressed.

Here are some top tips to make sure that your home gets back to normal in no time.

Be Ready Before The Party Begins

The last thing that you need is to already have a big pile of washing up to do before you even get the party started. Make sure that you’ve already finished washing up all of the dishes from the preparations before the guests arrive. This will make sure that you aren’t piling up mounds of plates over the course of the evening. Run your dishwasher and empty it in advance. Doing this ensures that you can start loading it straight away as plates and glasses are used.

Have A Minimalist Approach

Of course, party bags, supplies and decorations are key to having a pretty venue and creating the right atmosphere, but there’s no need to go overboard. A few well-placed, strategic items will look great. They’ll still give the right impression without taking forever to clean up afterwards. If you go the whole hog with streamers, glitter, confetti, silly string, balloons and banners you could be cleaning up for much longer than necessary.

Eating Outdoors

If you’re holding your party during the warmer months of the year, why not consider eating outdoors instead? It’s much simpler to clean up your garden than your living room and there’ll be no vacuuming to do afterwards. You can keep your entire home spotless if your guests are only coming through to use the bathroom.

Choose The Right Party Favours

One great idea to cut down on mess is to choose party supplies which serve a dual purpose. Pick items that serve as both a decoration and as a party favour that the guests can take home afterwards. Some ideas include:-

  • Colourful lollipops with names on as place settings
  • Pretty stones with names painted on
  • Personalised balloons will all look great- but will be taken away at the end of the night.

Think Disposable

It may not feel very eco-friendly, but if you choose disposable cups, plates and cutlery, you won’t need to do any washing up at all. Simply place a large bin bag in the room. Your guests can even dispose of their own buffet plates when they’ve finished. You could opt for a plastic or paper tablecloth which will trap all of the crumbs. This can just be shoved straight in the bin. You’ll have virtually no work left to do when your guests go home!

Think Carefully Before Baking

If you’re preparing something in the oven, think hard before you start cooking. If possible, using silicone dishes and tray liners will cut down massively on the amount of scrubbing you’ll need to do at the end of the day, but if you have no silicone, you could always line your baking trays with parchment paper which can simply be removed and binned to eliminate onerous washing up of hardened on crust.

Clean As You Go

This may sound stressful, but it’s better and easier than waiting until the end of the celebration.This is especially effective if it isn’t your party as you won’t be joining in with the festivities anyway. By wiping up spillages and picking up rubbish as you go, you’ll be reducing your workload overall.

Follow these handy hints, and you’ll find that cleaning up after even the wildest party won’t be the onerous task that you dread.