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How Phone Apps Can Upgrade Your Party Organising

Party organising has never been easier thanks in part to the array of apps available. We take a look at some of our favourite party organising apps that we’ve come across. Which apps would you add to the list?

Some of the apps on the list may surprise you because they are not marketed as ‘party planning’ or ‘event planning’ apps. Give them a go – they may surprise you! We have fallen in love with many apps for helping us stay organised when it comes to planning an event, no matter how big or small.

Google Calendar

If you have a Gmail account, you’ll have an array of apps and platforms open to you with the calendar being just one app.

What we liked about it was that you can create a calendar per event as well as a catch-all calendar with everything listed by date and time.

You can also set reminders so you receive an email to remind you to do certain things, such as a reminder three weeks before the event to order party supplies, sent out invites and so on.

You can also use this app to send invites too, great if you are planning a surprise party.

Price: Free


A free to join platform that works with a system of cards. You add a heading and detail, as well as the deadline date. It can also be set up to send email reminders.

This is not a specific party planning app but once used by companies and business the globe over. If you are a visual person and like to see the whole picture of what has been done and what is yet to be done, then this is a great program.

It is also a platform that can be shared with a closed group so if you have assistants or friends and relatives helping you out, this is a great way to see who is doing what.

You can also set up boards for different parties so great for the professional party planner.

Price: Free

Pro Party Planner

As the name suggests, unlike Trello (a project management app), this app is specifically for party planners and so has all the ‘extra’ bits you need from tracking guests to keeping a close eye on your budget.

Great for professional event organisers and the amateur party planner, this is a paid for app that is American but easily translates. Keep an eye on progress and make sure that all the important milestones are met.

Price: $4.99

Birthday & Party Planner

We found this more colourful than the Pro Party Planner app which helped in some ways but made some things a little distracting. For example, you assign a colour for yet to do tasks and so they stand out from that have been completed or are in the process of.

It has a great dashboard that allows you to see how much of your budget is left, what the total number of to-do tasks there were and how many have been completed.

We also know how important deadlines are in planning parties so the ‘overdue tasks’ section could be very handy if you have a big event to organise.

It also comes with different settings so plan a birthday party, wedding, baptism or corporate event.

Price: £1.99


It is commonplace for event and party planners to use email to invite people to parties. A much easier way to keep track of guests is to use the Evite app.

However, if you think this means sending out boring email invites, take a closer look. There are literally hundreds of e-invites templates to choose from.

A responsive app, it allows you to keep track of adult and child guests, as well as specific instructions or other issues that can slip through the net, like food intolerances.

Even better, it’s free.

Price: Free


Of course, not all parties are raves in disused warehouses and when you have something a little more sophisticated in mind, you need BigNight, the dinner party planning app.

Whether you are inviting a handful of guests or hosting a much bigger dinner party, this smashing app has it all for you.

It features menu ideas as well as the ability o create task lists, ingredient lists and allows you to import your favourite recipes too.

You can set reminders and it connects to Facebook and Twitter, great for when you want to create a buzz around your dinner party.

Price: Free