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Popular 3rd Birthday Party Themes for boys and girls

Birthday parties are such fun times; planned well, with great activities and you will find the time flies by. But, parties at this age are an important social event; they help children to socialise and interact not just with other children, but with adults too. So now is the time to grasp the mettle, and start planning a great party!

Add an exciting theme and you will have a superb party for 3 year olds, but with so many ideas and characters to choose from, just how do you make the choice?

Help choosing a theme…

·        What your child likes

It seems an obvious place to start and with most children enjoying characters from books, films or TV programmes it is the best place to start. Most major party supplies manufacturers already have a whole host of themes ready www.partybagsandsupplies.co.uk/themes that your choice is far from limited…

For little girls, what about the perfect princess themed party and for boys, there is always the opportunity to introduce characters too, from famous car characters through to planes. You could always ask your small guests to come dressed as certain character or in certain coloured clothes to add to the theme and atmosphere.

However, if you are intending on inviting a mix of boys and girls, themes based solely on gender might not the answer…

·        Colours

There is no doubt that at the age of 3, many children are still enjoying the use of bright colour, along with shiny accessories to match. So why not opt for a coloured themes party? Goody bags, accessories such as plates, cups and the all-important balloons can be coloured matched or contrasted to make a great party theme.

·        Generic characters

There are also generic characters such as dinosaurs, farm animals and ladybirds, to name just three examples of characters that make for great themes at both boys and girls parties.

Once you have decided on your character, colour or decoration ‘theme’, you will need to turn your attention to the party itself. Planning your party along the lines of a popular theme can be a great way of taking out the stress of creating a great party, where everyone is kept happy.

Have a budget? You could buy in entertainment for certain parts of the party. There are many magicians, fun balloon modellers and party entertainers out there, all reasonably priced but don’t leave it too late; the popular entertainers are booked up early https://www.wikihow.com/Hire-an-Entertainer-for-a-Children’s-Party

Have plenty to do and games to play

Whatever your theme, your party needs to be fun, fun, fun! You can do this in many ways, but playing some party games with 3 year olds in a great place to start. Provided you have asked people to stay and help, you should have a great time but be prepared for the fact that some children can find some parts of parties overwhelming, so have some quiet space and time too.

Water-themed party

There are many classic films that have fish as the main characters, such as Nemo and small children love this film. And kids love water too so fill a shallow receptacle and with fishing nets, place items from floating ducks to swimming plastic fish in it for the children to scoop and catch. The prize can be the goody bag at the end of the party or a small treat at the time!

However, you will need a high level of supervision for this game from a safety point of view and don’t make catching and scooping the objects too hard…

‘Going on a bear hunt’

Based on a popular story written by Michael Rosen, ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ is as popular today as it was back in 1989. You can make this in to a fun treasure hunt where children can look for certain objects, from delightful surprises with their names on to small gifts or clues. Again, don’t make it too hard and make sure everyone gets the moment of surprise, when they find their gift or toy.


Sometimes, parties for 3rd old boys and girls are based along classic lines; a group of friends getting together and making memories. Classic games such as ‘musical statues’ need to be taught so get teaching. Introduce the idea of dancing and stopping when the music does; you will have great fun but watch the elimination of children from the game as, at the age of three, nothing is ever fair… ‘Pass the parcel’ is another classic game that can bring great enjoyment.

Activity stations

Watch how children play and interact at nursery or playgroup and you will see that there are activity stations set up around the room. Children will be encouraged to play and explore, initially under the supervision of an adult who will then quietly withdraw, supervising from a distance.

Why not do the same at your party?