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Popular children’s face painting ideas

Face painting is a great activity for a child’s party at any time of the year, and for any celebration; from being the main activity at a birthday party, to being part of other celebrations from weddings to anniversary events.

It is the type of versatile activity that can be the main focus or slide into the background, but like all the other stuff happening, there is nothing that quite gives the same obvious satisfaction and results for a child guest. And with Party Bags and Supplies able to supply everything you need, there really is nothing hold you back, except…

you doubt that your artistic skills are up to the job!

However, if this is the one thing that puts you off from letting face painting take centre stage at your event, you will be pleased to know there is help at hand.

The good news, is you don’t have to be a budding Picasso or hold a degree in Fine Art from a prestigious, world renowned art school. With a few hints and tips, a steady hand and plenty of hypo-allergenic face paints and equipment, you can create some fabulous designs which every child will simply love.

Keep it simple – clown face

The first thing to realise when it comes to face painting is that the whole face does have to be covered with lashings of paint and a ton of glitter. Like other things, less can be more when it comes to creating a perfect design, and keeping simply can really work.

Avoid heavy, oil based face paints as these are harder to work with, as well as easily smearing. The Snazzaro range (as stocked by Party Bags and Supplies) make face painting much easier.

With the clown face, you are creating the look that hints at a clown face; two, bright red rosy discs on the cheeks, with a dash of white, a large black, thin triangle on the forehead and the same repeated underneath the some eye will give an a great clown look.

Tip: don’t forget that accessories can also help with the overall success of a look; the miniature hats on hairbands that can be seen in some high street shops are a great way to finish the clown look.

Feeling confident? – take on the tiger!

Again, don’t assume that the whole face has to be covered in paint; decrease the area you work with and think old-fashioned ‘masquerade mask’ that covers the eyes. The tiger is completed around the eyes and cheek bones, starting with white paint around the eyes. Next, apply a layer of orange face paint over the cheekbones, nose and between the brows.

With a steady hand, load your paint brush with black face paint and start to brush on the tiger stripes on the forehead and cheeks. The tip of the nose completes the look, with a black heart painted on.

Use white paint to accent some areas, like some more whiskers from the nose and large, sweeping eyelashes on the forehead.

Tip: browse the internet for some ideas, have a practice on paper but also print these coloured pictures off too, keeping them nearby you remind you as create crazy faces for your guests!

Create your own! – the friendly dragon

Again, smearing the whole face is less effective that concentrating on the heart of the face; using green, create a soft heart shape that dips in the centre of the forehead, taking in the nose and around it. Stop the green at the point and get that magic brush coated with black face paint, once again.

First, highlight the shape of the green (again, your lines need not be perfect), create heavy eyebrows, scales on the cheeks and wisps around the nose area. Add to triangles, points down, from the bottom lip to create two teeth. Highlight key areas with white paint and you will have the friendliest looking dragon in your midst!

Tip – as you browse the internet you will see that the real professional looking face painting designs will use a limited palette of colour. Similar to the use of colour in fashion, as well as interior design schemes, choose three colours; two use in equal measure and in most cases, the third colour is white and used as an accent colour.

Kids will love it!

Face painting is something that many children enjoy and, if you have a range of designs they can choose from, it stops that awful moment where you have try and create a complicated creature or well-known cartoon or film character… that looks nothing like them!

Why not give it a whirl? You might find you really enjoy it too!