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Young child and parents at Christmas

Post-Christmas Party Planning

It can be a tricky one, can’t it, if your child’s birthday falls in that immediate post-Christmas period when each and everyone is totally partied out and looking forward to chilling. You have to decide – do you cheat a bit and combine it with Christmas, give them one big gift and try your best to persuade them that their special birthday time was spent together, as a family, on the 25th?

Are you conning your kid if you do? Easy to understand why any parent who wishes to hold onto their sanity would decide to do that. Christmas appears to begin in September these days. We even see the odd Christmas card sneak into the shops in August, don’t we? www.newshopper.co.uk. By Christmas Eve most of us are tired after weeks of preparations and planning, so to have to concentrate on birthday party plans within a week or so of Christmas can seem a bit beyond the call of duty.

But then it’s hardly your child’s fault they were born when they were. After all, it’s all about timing, and parents are totally responsible for that ;-). And bear in mind the trauma of having a birthday rolled into the Christmas celebrations with ‘one big present’ can last well into adulthood as recounted by people with mixed memories of their seasonal on the Offbeat Families website www.offbeatfamilies.com

Some parents make the decision to shift their children’s birthday party and celebrations into the spring or summer, not least because it can be tricky to pin down party guests around Christmastime. And that’s a possibility, if your child is happy to go along with it (or too young to know otherwise…). But if not, what do you do about presents? Even taking the desire to control materialism out of the equation, it just doesn’t seem fair to give your child a main present for Christmas, and then a follow up for their birthday of the batteries for the Christmas gift. Especially when, as this blogger describes in this example www.slate.com that the original ‘big present’ doesn’t even require batteries…

Not that it’s all about the gifts. Birthday celebrations are about spending time together with family and friends. Try keeping it simple by arranging a gathering, choosing a theme (and stick to it!) and visit www.partybagsandsupplies.co.uk who can help you put together a great value party package in a jiffy. So, if your daughter’s princess of choice this year is Sofia the First, we can put together filled themed party bags, invitations, cupcake cases and tableware. Just fill your cart online and proceed to checkout. Remember, too, that it’s completely free delivery if you spend over £50. And you don’t even need to use that last piece of leftover Christmas themed gift wrap to wrap your gifts in (one big faux pas!). We can provide you with a dizzying selection of sheets NOT covered in reindeer, cheery santas or baubles….