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Something Different – Science Party Ideas

It can be hard coming up with fresh, innovative and inspiring party ideas, more so when you attend a string of children parties. On one hand, they all seem the same but on the other, throwing a great party for your birthday boy or girl and their guests should not have a competitive element to it.

We are constantly on the lookout for great party themes for children and adults and we think we have hit on a great idea: science!

The Science Behind the Science

If there is one subject that mesmerises and inspires, it is science. There are all kind of goofy but true science facts that stun us on a daily basis – like the giant octopus has a doughnut-shaped brain that encircles its throat meaning if it eats anything too large, it risks brain injury.

It is a great theme for many reasons but we think it gives you fantastic scope for creating a truly unique and fun party.

And here are a few ideas…

#1 Science invitations

Of course, setting the theme for any party starts with sending out invitations. There are many examples of science themed invitations but if you want to be really different, how about sending a rolled-up paper invite in a test tube with rubber bung?

Test tubes are relatively cheap and great for older kids. For young kids, cut out shaped invitations work just as well.

#2 Dress Up

Scientists come in all shapes and sizes and that means making the best use of all the different strands of science you can think.

There are also some great science characters from film, TV and comics that you can use to inspire your fancy dress guests. There are scientists in the hit TV show The Big Bang Theory, as well as scientists portrayed in Star Wars, Deep Space Nine and other hit shows.

Mad professors and scientists are perfect for any science-based party.

#3 Science accessories

Decorating your party venue to resemble a laboratory is the ideal backdrop for any party.

Science ‘equipment’ such as tongs, test tubes and measuring beakers make great receptacles for drink and desserts and the like.

There are also science-festooned paper plates and cups that make for a great buffet table. Just like other party themes, choose a colour theme for your accessories and decorations.

With a science-themed party, you can go as crazy as you like with colours, although blues and greens make for a great back drop.

#4 The Buffet for Scientists

If you’ve ever watch the chef Heston Blumenthal in action with dishes that give off smoke and vapour and wondered how he did it, you will be pleased to know that creating similar reactions at the buffet table is not that hard.

Chemistry is, amongst other things, the study of how certain elements and compounds react when they meet each other.

In every day foods, putting things together can create fantastic reactions that are safe, but spectacular.

For example, drop a mint into a carbonated drink and you will have an immediate reaction of masses of bubbles.

#5 Entertain with Science

Creating safe reactions between ingredients, elements and compounds is easier than you think and there are all kinds experiments and reactions you can do with your party guests that will enthral and amaze them.

Better still, to create these amazing reactions, all you need are a few ingredients that you will more than likely already have in your cupboard.

Of course, these amazing experiments can be part of your overall entertainment package for the party. Add science inspired prizes to Pass the Parcel, as well as other great party games such as Musical Statues and more.

Or how about a great science quiz? Quiz your guests by asking them if science facts are true or false – if you go to space, you will be taller, true or false? Or emus can’t walk backwards – true or false? (find out below!)

#6 Science-themed Party Bags

Here at Party Bags and Supplies we have a range of pre-filled party bags that are just perfect for your birthday party guests, no matter what the theme. We also have a growing range of small gifts that work well when creating your own party bags too.

Magic slime and other zany gifts work well in a party bag and when there is a big slice of birthday cake in there too, no budding scientist will be disappointed.

With such a great theme with so many opportunities to create a unique party, why not have a science-themed party for your birthday boy or girl?

** Yes, you are taller in space because there is no gravity and true, emus to struggle to walk backwards because of the shape of their legs.